Angelica Raquel & Terri Foltz-Fox


Friday, July 13 6-9pm


An exhibition curated by artist Sarah Fox, The Bestiary, a rich and poignant exhibition that considers animals and our relationship to them. The Bestiary is a two person show including ceramic works by Houston based Terri Foltz-Fox and drawings and sculptural works by San Antonio’s Angelica Raquel. Animals show up in humanity’s earliest depictions of life and have continued to share in our stories and evolve alongside us, a constant, often unwilling companion. The Bestiary looks at our shared anthropological past, and creates an imagined anthropocenic future using humor, narrative and lush imagery.



Terri Foltz-Fox lives and works in Houston, Texas. She received her MFA from the University of Houston and received her BFA from the Philadelphia College of the Arts. She has worked as an artist and art teacher in the Houston area for over 30 years. Her ceramic works have a conceptual basis in anthropological stories and sacred object making but often include a humorous bent. Her exquisite mixed-media sculptures reflect a life-time of making and a dedication to craft.


Angelica Raquel lives and works in San Antonio, Texas where she is pursuing her MFA at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Raquel’s detailed watercolors, and jewel-like sculptures focus on the forced evolution of animals through selective breeding. She pushes this idea of artificial selection to a dramatic saccharine end through a saturated palette and an impressive command of anatomical drawing. She questions man’s ideas of innate beauty, the commodification of animals, and our shared future.