Daydreaming in the Projects
Chris Marin


Friday, August 10, 7-10pm


Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery is proud to present Daydreaming in the Projects, an exhibition
displaying the work of artist Chris Marin.

In Daydreaming in the Projects the artist will present paintings, scultptures, and installations that explore
themes of environment, the passage of time, class, and childhood experience.

“I am using art to break down culture, identity and the memory of someone who is aware of domestic and
homefront events seen from the experience of growing up in poverty...My heart lies in the development of
children and the exposure to complex experiences which are magnified and reflected in the world. I am such
a product of my environment: I am my environment, I am the block, I am the house I grew up in.”
-Chris Marin


Chris Marin is an artist currently based out of California. He received his BFA from Texas Tech University
in 2016, and is currently pursuing his MFA at the California College of the Arts. His work deals with issues
of current events, space scapes, the history of figure painting, and class politics.