What the Water Gave Me
Sarah Castillo and Veronica Anne Salinas

n What The Water Gave Me, Sarah Castillo and Veronica Anne Salinas present embroidery, collage, sound installation, photography and cyanotype portraits as they center intuition and memory as a platform to reflect on their relationships with water, plant life, and landscapes to translate personal narratives that emerge from medicinal plants to lucid dreaming. 

About the Artists:
Veronica Anne Salinas is an intermedia artist from San Antonio currently living in Houston, Texas. Her practice explores soundscapes, performance, improvisation, installation, field recordings, electronics, and writing with themes of feminist and Latina identity, ritual, mysticism, landscape/cityscape, vocal manipulation and fairy tales. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sarah Castillo is an artist from San Antonio, Texas working in mixed media and portraiture. Her work explores Chicana identity, feminist methodologies, Mexican American history, autoethnography and embodiment in art. Castillo obtained her Master’s degree in Bicultural Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio with thesis title: Art as an Embodied Practice: Artistic Expression, Conocimiento, and Identity Formation. She is a resident artist at Clamp Light Studios & Gallery. www.sarahcastillo210@gmail.com