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clara August 13, 2021 COTTAGE

Cabin and cottage designs are based off of the easy-going, free spirit atmosphere that encourages relaxation. This same attitude should be applied to the interior style of the home. Known for their naturalistic comfort and charm, most homeowners enjoy picking out the perfect decor that creates an uplifting and inviting look filled with character. Whether it is a vacation home on the beach or comfortable retreat in the woods, inspiration for the interior design should be embraced from the surroundings as well as the personal preferences of the owners. The most important key to decorating your cottage is maintaining a welcoming ambiance.

Outdoor Influence

A fresh start to decorating your cabin is to pick a theme that connects with your home’s surroundings. By embracing the natural elements, you can achieve an ambiance that is simplistic, pure and comfortable. A cabin is the woods would be perfectly designed with rustic elements like sticks, leaves, pine cones and animal antlers. Sand, seashells and whitewashed fixtures appeal to a tranquil vacation home by the beach. A nautical theme with sailboats, netting and life preservers would be excellent for a charming Cape Cod cottage. If your abode resides in the southwest, consider creating a mini ranch design with cow, horse and desert decorations. Animal prints and bamboo accents are no doubt attention-gutters for a tropical or jungle escape.
There are a number of ways to bring the outdoors inside without cluttering the space. Simple, yet eye-catching table center pieces provide lovely focal points to dining areas. Themed picture frames made out of woods, seashells and other naturally inspired items are beautiful ways to add charm as well as display family photos. Some homeowners like the effect of a small, or sometime large, wall mural that flaunts the matching outdoor environment. Additionally, flowers can make any space pleasing to the eye. Whether it is a single stem in a simple vase or a brilliant bouquet that commands attention, real (and even fake) flowers can provide an uplifting, charming mood to any space. 

Comforting Vintage Touches

Cottage styles of today’s era often embrace the nostalgia of the past. This allows for a true escape from technology and the stresses of the modern world. Many cabin owners enjoy vintage furniture and other charming touches that produce a comforting arrangement. Flea markets, antique stores, estate sales and thrift stores are excellent places to begin looking for the perfect vintage pieces. Weathered and distressed furnishings are not only affordable, but also provide plenty of character and comfort to a room. Other popular vintage decorations that fit the rustic cabin appeal include plaid pillows, birdhouses, wooden or tin signs, and an occasional piece of taxidermy for a conversation piece. Slipcovers are easy to clean as well as can add unique character and flair to the space. These casual items that already appear tough and worn invite guests to really kick back and not to worry about damaging the furniture. However, take care not to go overboard with a mount of items in the home to avoid feeling cramped and unwelcoming.

Walls & Wood

No matter what the location, earthy tones are the standard for an enchanting cottage or comfortable cabin. Many people continue with the vintage, worn appearance for the wall and floor finishes. Floral patterns and soft colors combine to produce an eclectic blend. Comforting earth tones, such as hues of brown, blues and greens, provide a soothing color palette for cottage living. Weathered paint supports a relaxed mood and only gets better as the years pass. However, do not rule out the brightness and freshness that is brought about from a crisp, white wall. This also provides the perfect opportunity to include splashes of color for an enticing environment.
Whether painted, weathered or stained, wood finishes add handsome texture and warmth to any space. Wood floors and cabinets are perfect compliments to steel appliances in a kitchen. Vaulted ceilings with wood beams create a rustic and friendly environment. Different types of woods produce different styles of grains that can be quite beautiful. Wood panels also hold up well against dents and dings from daily use. In fact, the distressed appearance will complement the vintage appeal of the cottage.

Cosines & Storage

Since cabins and cottages are often used as vacation retreats in natural locations, they are often a bit smaller than average homes. In order to keep the rooms comfortable, eliminate clutter as well as take advantage of nooks and crannies that so often go unnoticed. The area under the stairs is perfect for extra storage. Space-saving furniture, such as bunk beds, provide more sleeping area by utilizing vertical space to its fullest. Shelves that tuck neatly into unique corners makes great use of under developed areas. While some cabins are simple and rural homes, it does not mean that you cottage cannot have updated features. State-of-the-art appliances and lighting can be applied with weathered, rustic charm so that you do not have to live without these lovely amenities. Remember that if it is uncomfortable and comfortable, then it is not a cottage.

So, if you are looking for a care-free home for the perfect retreat, infuse the interior decorations with a quaint and comfortable design. This will encourage a happy informality that supports relaxation and peace. Vintage style antiques and comforting hues provide a balance of charm and ease. Matching the interior with the exterior supplies a seamless transition from the wild of nature to the comfort of a home.

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