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clara September 7, 2020 Basement Bedroom

Ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms You Need

The basement is often assumed to be a dumping ground — a space to store all the stuff you'll never use again. For room designers this is a real shame, because a basement is a fantastic opportunity where you can add a stylish room to your home and generate positive value and a lot of money for the value of your property.

If you're running out of ideas for styling your space, consider digging down. It may be cold and damp, but with the right care, the basement can be one of the most inspiring bedroom spaces in the home.

We try to be creative of course to find inspirational ideas to upgrade your basement into a stunning bedroom, living room or boudoir. A very expensive conversion, but once it's space design inspiration you'll love the room you're in and have no desire to move, check out some of our great basement bedroom ideas for inspiration for your basement.



If you do not plan to replace or abandon the ceiling in its rustic style, then you do not need to remove the painted beams, in order to show the rafters in all their glory. Laminate floors are clean, fresh and perfectly covered with underfloor heating, especially if your basement is prone to winter chills. Exposed brick along the walls will further emphasize the rustic and attractive atmosphere, so there is no reason to disguise it. Damaged and crumbling walls require revamping, you can apply it by applying several coats of diluted PVA, and it produces an attractive dull sheen. Small windows provide light into this crypt, but the integrated lighting into the space will give this beautiful cellar a real atmosphere and charm. Bright lighting will be more substantial, illuminate the basement walls well, and bring an air of charming elegance into the space in a stunning way.

Bedouin Tent

Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas Bedouin

If you want to make a quick fix for an unfinished ceiling, you can apply the Bedouin Bohemian tent idea because of its fun, practical, and charming design. This bedouin tent in the form of these oversized bedspreads provides an inexpensive solution to a potentially underwhelming space in your basement, mounted on the ceiling and draped over the wall to hide the issues that are lacking in your basement walls. However, if you're considering covering some space with fabric, look for a fire-resistant fabric. Lighting should use bright light such as LED lamps, these lamps have a low temperature — while they emit a beautiful glow, you don't want an exposed element light bulb, try applying it behind a curtain.

Study room

Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas The Boudoir

A room without windows often presents important problems and challenges, especially regarding color. No one wants to sleep in a bunker and the conditions of the room are sober without any touch. However, the color conversion and stunning interior design will create sophistication and a calm atmosphere. The use of sheer curtains is a masterstroke, creating an atmosphere and aura of serenity that makes the room look perfect as a bedroom. The immaculate laminate flooring will add the finishing touch to this basement bedroom and workspace, while the candle lighting exudes elegance and a soft sheen. This extraordinary basement is sure to make you want to instantly occupy it as your bedroom and workplace. A basement full of good interior design will be more fun and spectacular.

Small Dungeon


If you have a small basement, then there may not be room or place to implement a double bed. However, the comfort that this basement offers is attractive and invites you to maximize the available space for leisure activities and as storage. This basement will look magnificent in its brilliant white color. Making this sunny basement a perfect place for those of you who like to read, listen to music, or socialize with your friends. Sofa with drawers underneath for storage, because this small basement has every area prepared for storage. Lighting from below gives this small space a lumen that can be used for reflection and fun.

Wood Glory

Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas The Glory Of Wood

If there is no window, you can apply a light wall color, however, in the use of color you must be careful not to be blinded by white alone. This stylish bedroom maximizes the white ceiling and cappuccino walls by blending the two tones with a wood effect wallpaper that is perfect for a rustic feel. Soothing brown tones as a backdrop include white patterned bed linens and dark wood furnishings. This space has more soothing attributes than a luxurious hotel room. A touch of interior design is needed by someone for a productive sleep. Wall art also cannot be separated from the touch of interior design for tranquility and comfort. The application of this wood effect wall art unites the entire decor with the serenity of an understated design.

Secret room

Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas The Secret Space

There's nothing more fun than venturing into the unknown, this secret room idea appeals to a childlike yearning for adventure in the great outdoors. The billboard-sized framed print makes a fantastic impression for your basement full of adult fun, Complete with hinges, and hidden doorknobs, you can take advantage of it and mistake it for an entrance to another dimension like the scene from the Narnia movies. You can also use the basement as a hiding space if you or your family feel threatened by people or circumstances such as natural disasters.

As we've seen, there's absolutely no reason why dungeons should look so disappointing. If you're running out of space, consider making or making use of the lower part of your home. The basement may be cold and damp, but with the right care, it can be one inspiring space for the entire home. Use bright colors to bring energy and joy to the hidden spaces that you consider the dirtiest. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and start designing and getting inspired!






Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas

Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas

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Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas

Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas

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