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Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials

clara November 13, 2021 Home Office

Workspace Design For the Millennial Age

The term millennial generation is indeed familiar. The term comes from millennials which was coined by two American historians and writers, William Strauss and Neil Howe in several of their books.

Millennial generation or generation Y is also known as generation me or echo boomers. There is literally no specific demographic in determining this generational group.

Millennials are synonymous with modern office designs that display renewal and progress. The millennial generation prioritizes work comfort, in order to provide the best results. This is related to the office atmosphere that can build motivation in them. Playing colors, furniture, and creating an office atmosphere are the main points for millennials to work comfortably.

Modern millennial office interior designs usually apply more of the modern side that can help millennials to continue to grow and be productive, but does not reduce comfort and pleasure. Modern offices are made in a balanced way so that the needs between work and recreation can be met properly. Millennials don't really like the monotonous type of office, because they are considered too boring.

You can create a fun and exciting atmosphere by building an interior design that fits the needs of millennials. Most offices today have implemented this interior design. Here are some modern office interior designs that can be considered for those of you who are just starting to redesign your office.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Flexible Modern Office Design
Flexible Modern Office Design

Millennials love flexibility in their work. The use of isolated workstations is one of the characteristics of millennials who want to have privacy at work. However, it is possible that an open work area will also increase their work productivity. They, millennials, love to discuss and will openly convey spontaneous ideas for the advancement of their work.

If you are just starting a company and are recruiting millennial employees, you need to consider this point. Flexible office interior design that allows millennials to move freely and of course will encourage their work creativity from all aspects. Working for eight hours a day can make employees bored, therefore the office area must be made flexible so that the comfort of employees in working can be balanced with the workload provided by the company.

You can create an open work area or create a multipurpose space that balances fun and creativity in the workplace. This requires sensitivity to the interior and exterior design of the workplace.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Modern Minimalist Office Design
Modern Minimalist Office Design

The simple and clean appearance of the office is certainly interesting to observe, not only as a distraction, but rather a sense of attractiveness and comfort for millennial employees who work in it. A comfortable office concept is needed for millennials and considers the office as their second home, so they will produce creative things from there. Minimalist office design allows for minimal visual appearance in decorating art, without making it feel boring.

You can try to tidy up the scattered cables so that they are not messy, Try to apply and use wireless technology, and everything that is compact. Modernity makes the office run with technology trends. That way the concept of a modern office will certainly depend on the technology that is currently developing.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Natural Accents
Modern Office Designs with Natural Accents

Office atmosphere with a monotonous course feels boring, especially if the interior design is rigid. The modern office of millennials is usually filled with light and large windows that make the atmosphere brighter and more pleasant.

Millennials' awareness is quite high, which makes them care enough about their surroundings. Adding decorations like natural living plants and wood accents will make them feel at home in the office. That's how a modern office interior design that is comfortable for millennials should be.

Indeed, not all offices can apply the concept of natural plants, but this can be circumvented by installing environmentally friendly LED lights. Or by using and utilizing natural light from the sun. Therefore, the office window is made large so that the room remains bright without using a lot of lights.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Modern Office Design Like Coworking Space
Modern Office Design Like Coworking Space

Millennial workers like to work together. Exchanging ideas and discussing is one of the things that becomes their work style in generating creative ideas. This then encourages company owners to build and implement office interior designs that allow millennial workers to collaborate to get maximum and best results. Without a private room, the office atmosphere will feel more relaxed because no one feels considered exclusive. They are all placed in the same room to mingle with fellow workers.

The idea of an open area such as a co-working space can be an option, if you don't have enough space to create a private workspace for your employees. A co-working space or lounge can be the right choice for your office atmosphere. Millennials usually like to mingle for fresh new ideas.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Technology-Based Modern Office Design
Technology-Based Modern Office Design

These Millennial workers are very literate with today's technology. They do not like the traditional way of working, which is why the use of technology in modern office design should be taken seriously. In addition to providing benefits in the ease of working, technology also provides a slightly different look at the interior design of the office. The use of technology has been seen, starting from the use of smartphones, computers, tablets, to all types of video conferencing that are often used lately.

For office interior design, the use of tablets will make millennial workers more flexible, because they can carry work without having to stick a computer in the office. Currently, modern office technology has begun to penetrate the use of applications, such as time sheet applications, video conferencing, and daily task recording applications.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Modern Office Design With Attention to Workers' Health
Modern Office Design With Attention to Workers' Health

The health of the office world is something that actually gets less attention, but for millennial workers, the health of workers is a shared responsibility. Especially millennials who really understand the importance of health, and they will demand it so that the elements of their health can be fulfilled. It's not just a matter of working hours and food, the presence of the right furniture will certainly make millennials feel at home working because their health is very concerned.

One example is to pay attention to the height of the monitor and the suitability of the work chair according to your posture. Because, it will cause illness that also interferes with their work with a lack of conformity.

Comfortable Modern Office Design for Millennials Modern Office Design with Fun Colors
Modern Office Design with Fun Colors

Millennials are very color sensitive. They are easily distracted by flashy colors and distract their eyes and compress the ideas in their heads. Therefore, the planning and use of color for modern office interior design needs to be carefully planned and thought about. Each color has a different effect and impression on each person. You also have to be very understanding and know that color can affect a person's creativity.

Millennials want and want a cooperative working atmosphere in order to generate maximum ideas and creativity. This atmosphere can be built through a modern office design which of course supports and accommodates all their needs. Gradually all offices that recruit millennial workers must follow this kind of concept to develop and achieve common goals.

So the modern design concept that puts forward the health side, elegant colors and a cooperative working atmosphere will make millennials work well and of course will provide fantastic ideas for the progress of your company in the future.

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