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Mecca Aesthetic
This office space is unashamedly built for practicality. The spartan industrial shelving may be functional rather than beautiful, but, this is a space designed for focus and singularity. This industrial chic allies with the equally stark mesh lampshade, hovering over the focal point of the room: the desk. This brutality array of naked metals is suddenly softened with the introduction of a weaved rye-grass rug which brings a little nature into this laboratory of labor. Underneath the rye-grass runner rug is a shag-pile carpet which is a little out-of-kilter with the bunker-like sparseness of the furnishings, so the rug acts as a functional conduit between the luxurious and the understated. The desk is placed in the perfect position to the window which floods the space with illumination, without the distraction of the outside world. The smokey walls bring a clean aesthetic, while the military chest and the world map give the impression that this space is custom-made for a man who travels.

basement-man-cave-design-ideas-for-men Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men

The Rustic
There’s something of practically every design-school crammed in this anachronistic space of surprising contrasts. The ceiling is of country manors, while the light shade that hangs from perfectly sculpted wood speaks of industrialist functionality. The comfy padded chair is a surprising addition to this collection of nonchalant pairing, especially as the seat is probably too low for the desk. This is a space for someone who doesn’t sit to think but prefers to keep on his feet at all times. The bare brick clashes deafeningly with the fantastic glazed wooden shelving, and the richly textured parquet whispers of decadence and self-assurance. The wall art stating that Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do go further to suggest that this is the space of a man who doesn’t easily keep still.

football-man-cave-idea Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men

There are specific criteria that transform a blank, unloved space into a useful zone for working. Building a sanctuary of silence is essential; while safely storing clutter that could become a distraction is a standard that serves the work environment well. We’re designing a space for service and study, here, so we need more than just a desk and a chair.
There’s no such thing as an “office for a man” because “a man” is just a person as varied as any gender. Some of us thrive in organized chaos, while others need the security of everything in its place.
We think we’ve found a superb selection of home office ideas for men of all types. And, let’s be inclusive, here – women are just as likely to welcome these workplaces into the home.

Impressive Mens Office Decorating Ideas Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men


incredible-vintage-small-home-office-ideas-for-men Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men


masculine-home-office-design-ideas-small-office-decorating-ideas-for-men-decor-decorating-man-find-mens-amazon-info Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men


Masculine-home-office-ideas Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men

Scandinavian Alcove
The Scandinavians have a fantastic eye for practical design, and when you’re looking for inspiring minimalism, there’s a couple of rules that you just can’t dismiss. This space is effectively an alcove, which has been funneled for focus, away from the chaos of the rest of the room. This tempting two-tone zone makes excellent use of natural materials and symmetry to create a space flowing with calm and focus. The wood cladding stretches from the floorboards, up along the back wall, giving this office orifice a sense of continuation. The bracket-less shelving is populated with inspiring pieces, rather than stuffed with random envelopes and functional detritus. The colors are restful and natural, giving this room-within-a-room the fluid flow of concentrated calm. The under-shelf lighting is an essential for an illuminating desk space, fashioned for clear thinking. Inspiring.

modern-home-office-decorating-ideas-ideas-decor Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men

Blue For The Brain
Blue is recognized as a color that elevates creativity, so it’s a natural choice for a home office. This minimalist space is both sparse and stylish in equal measure. The desktop is fashioned from a slab of wood, maintaining the natural curves of growth; prompting an ergonomic experience for the innovative thinker. The varnished redwood has a beautiful sheen that drips down into the metal triquetra legs, resting on an ethnic weave covering polished floorboards. This is a space inspired by natural shapes and fluid motions. The flow of the earthy curves are abruptly juxtaposed when we hit the flat, blank indigo of the wall paint, with a striking contrast of white and sepia in the framed wall art. The desk lamp adds a sexy camber of humanistic design against a stream of ligneous curvature so sexily maintained with the natural flow of the desktop. The potted plant with over-sized leaves brings life and vitality to this space for serious thought.

Outstanding-Home-Office-Design-Ideas-Men-25-cool-and-masculine-home-office-for-a-man-homemydesign-Design-Home-Ideas-Outstanding-Office-Men Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men

A Touch Of Natural Minimalism
This corner office space is clear of clutter, but full of the energy of living things to bring a fresh, positive atmosphere to this chamber of clarity. The varnished flooring is simply beautiful and perfectly frames this space for innovative thinking. The desktop is small and functional, while the wooden surface motif mirrors the flooring, bringing solidity of purpose to this pint-sized portal of professional prowess. A small desktop is an excellent idea if you’re a clutter, forcing you to weed out the distractions. The roll-foot chair is practical, but with such a low back, it might not be comfortable for extended periods. The space is drenched in natural light which floods this white corner with plenty of clarifying energy for clear thought. The potted plants stop this space from looking cold and unloved.

small-home-office-ideas-for-men Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men

The Creative
This workspace is an open-plan celebration of concrete and bare wood. For large, open-plan spaces, micro-zoning is a technique that focuses corners of the room to specific functions. This micro zone is screened by wall-to-ceiling slats, offering a semi-transparent division for this funky, irreverent workspace. What is so successful in this particular example is the intelligent placement of the corner desk: avoiding the real corner of the room, the desk and the screen formalize the footprint of this workspace for singular containment within the universe of the larger room. The wall art is dry and irreverent (and perhaps not particularly appropriate for workplace meetings!) but the curvature of the work desk adds a sexy feminine line in this crate of right angles. The arrangement of equipment is relaxed, as is the swing-chair, making this a space for imaginative fashioning of high concepts. Funky.

small-home-office-ideas-your-own-personal-for-men Office Cool Home Office Ideas for Men


Impressive Mens Office Decorating Ideas


External Corners
This office makes marvelous use of negative space, in this super-sci-fi brutality expanse of high-ceilings and clear, wooden floors. The acute edge juts out of the wall with a spectacularly aggressive metal finish, while the cantilevered desk stands proud of the wall with a mysterious anti-gravity that swells with masculine influence. The protruding wall provides ample storage while keeping it out of sight for he who sits at the desk. This is the workspace of the tuber modern man who considers high concepts a minimum requirement. The desk is a solid slab of wood that hovers but promises strength and a determination to defy the odds. This office space is a celebration of determination; total singularity in focus; and of someone not afraid to mix the austere and the rectangular with natural materials, bringing balance to this Kraut-rock chamber of functional sincerity.
We love these home offices, built solely for functionality, without sacrificing an unashamed desire for panache and comfort. What do you think? Do these home office ideas for men inspire you to create? Or do they look too cool for school? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share the article with your social network.


Warehouse Chic
The bare brick of the back wall brings a tableau of attraction to this fabulously minimalist womb for work; hidden in plain view, with wall-to-ceiling front-facing windows. The powder-coated crossbeam that silhouettes the window is true to the building’s historical function, surrounding the desk with rock-solid support that gives this space the feel of reliability and functional security. The unique texture of each brick juxtaposes the flat expanse of skill fully applied plaster of the surrounding walls and the soft weave of the Aztec rug. This space is totally clear of clutter; clean and crisp, exploiting the huge window that floods the space with inspirational light. The desk is a combination of the rusty reds of the woods utilized around the window-frame, while the mirrored legs motif sequence the infinite liquidity of the glass wall and the door. Creative, and fantastic.





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