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cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas

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The open fire is instantly evocative, reminiscent of prehistoric times of the blazing fire in the dazzling outdoors, the flames like a beautiful ballet dance. Whether it's an open concept fireplace, stove top, or even the other way around, a real fire instantly crowns any room into a realm of relaxation. We try to associate the brick as the structure of the fireplace, of course, with the well-designed exterior. Most of the building blocks of this fireplace carry a texture that exudes a simple brick-red glow.

We've come up with some fun and inspiring brick fireplace ideas for your own home. We are sure you will fall in love with the enchanting elegance of fire with bricks.

Inglenook Painting

cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas The Painted Inglenook

One of the most effective ways to incorporate rough-textured bricks into a room is by means of inglenook paint, in this way interior design wants to show that painted bricks are true multi-takers. Plain brick looks dirty and raises dust. So this inglenook paint creates a kind of seal, and holds the dust inside. The unevenness of the bricks feels disorganized against an orderly space, this paint facilitates an irregular texture and pampers you through one clean color. This beautiful fireplace makes any room feel comfortable, without the pungent smell of smoke that results from burning wood in an open fireplace. Place a beautiful wooden bed near the fireplace, and give it a stunning role. Create a zone like earth and fire that makes you feel safe, warm and comfortable at home.



For large, spacious spaces, the placement of a brick fireplace is a surprise that brings the balance of earth and fire into a space that's easy to hear and little to ignore. This massive Inglenook fireplace shows signs of years of use, the blackened brickwork, dusty furnace, discolored grate of an open fireplace suggest a natural fireplace. The orange color of the burnt walls is a fantastic contrast and the very deep denim of the painted walls. While the green color of the plants adds to the lively atmosphere and this is needed in this somewhat dreary but stylish space. Basically a fireplace with a design like this refers to a rural atmosphere in England.

When the Fireplace Is Not For The Fire

cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas When A Fireplace Isn’t For Fire

For some people, consider the fireplace is an ancient device, and consider that the fireplace is better placed in an open space with free air, than in the living room. But in ancient times it was a crime to make an old fireplace in the house, and it was allowed to use it in the 70s and 80s, and even then, we see the wrong way of implementing a fireplace in our homes. The ancients thought that open fireplaces weren't for everyone, so this pale brick fireplace makes the perfect place to store fine wine. This is a very good idea, as it will keep your wine cold and your daily trips to the cellar a thing of the past. Exposed brick, is not the best example of fine craftsmanship we've ever seen, with a thick finish. However, wall art is used to great effect, evoking nostalgia with classic prints, and a dash of modernism. The stone fireplace has signs of use, which balances the texture of the crunchy brick nicely. Very clever indeed.


cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas Teardrop Modern

This is a brick fireplace with a touch of modern style that is sure to amaze everyone in this extraordinary space. This teardrop-style fireplace eliminates the need for accommodation far from traditional, so it can be mounted on a comfortable wall. Painted bricks bring a contrasting texture to the subtle curves of this very sensual fireplace. While the dancing flames, beautifully framed, combine modern and ancient art on the stage of history versus modernity. This fireplace makes it the perfect heater for a modern living space. It's fun to create a traditional yet modern fireplace.


cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas The Simple

The blank canvas of this stylish fireplace gets some authentic personality from this mini wood burning, tucked into a hole and decorated with plain bricks. As simple as it is, this palette presents quite a mix of textures between bluish mattes and gun-metal grays. Country-style logs frame the top lip of the fireplace, black slate from the fireplace, lacquered floorboards and fitted shag-pile rugs. This is a guest designed for comfort. The subtle touch of brick as a fire plate is worthy of boldness in a building. While this space exudes simplicity, wall art will warm up a space with flat colors. Bricks, here, are used as a secondary material, taking advantage of the shimmery brown and red colors that unite the wood and the flame. Simple, yet effective.


cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas The Stylish

This simple fireplace is artificially lit, highlighting the place totally. The sloppiness of fireplace tiles is a beautiful and stylish touch, and elevates this humble fireplace to an aspirational realm. The walls are immaculate and very well-made, while the fireplace is stage-like with a simple look, and warm with earth tones and Neo-tribal tiles. Placement of church candle furniture brings light into the room in addition to lighting from the light from burning wood into the room. In simple words, brick brings internal impression into context with external impression, simple, stylish, and comfortable.

Wood Beam

cosy Brick Fireplace Ideas Oak Beams

This beautiful wood burner is surrounded by rustic materials, bringing traditional style into a clean modernist setting. The circle of bricks creates a tone pattern, from the placement of chevrons. These are attractive bricks, and are beautifully framed in thick oak that is reliable and sturdy. This is one of our favorite configurations, neither too flashy nor too simple, utilizing comfortable materials. Due to the concept of a fairly large slate slab, spread out around it making a furnace fused with black cast iron. Green walls are a soothing addition creating a warm and relaxing fireplace.

The surrounds of this brick fireplace are a little messy with soft and plush furnishings, but show how simple the plain bricks of the fireplace can be. The beige sparkles from the masterstroke stove, break up with the traditional black, and apply a palette of warm subdued tones to this beautiful living room, making it look lively and welcoming. A restored old driftwood plank fireplace with the placement of string lights illuminating the wood adds to the soft warmth of a serene and serene paradise. The plastered walls of the fireplace disguise the rough texture of the bricks and give it tasteful strength and elegance.

The use of base brick brings an outdoor aesthetic into the home, thereby evoking peace, serenity and a sense of historical context. We love how bricks are used in various forms, from patterned, painted, and plain, to create a living room that has a new feel. What do you think? Get creative and create new things with your fireplace. Make your home fireplace a place that can provide not only warmth, but also the comfort and beauty of the living room itself.


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