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Cozy Bedroom Ideas

clara February 9, 2021 bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary of seductive promise. We spend a third of our lives in the land of Nod, so to neglect the bedroom as merely functional is to cheat oneself of life’s greatest pleasure.
A bedroom that envelops you in soothing color, texture, and pattern is a sensory womb of protection, guiding you into sleep while being an outward reflection of who you are when things hot up for a little – how do we say – entertaining?
We love these comforting, cozy bedroom ideas and we hope that you find some inspiration that will help transform your square box into a boudoir of well-being.
Starry, Starry Night
There’s little in life more comforting than sleeping under the stars. This boudoir boasts the brilliance of beige in its multiple splendors; the bed linen scales the spectrum of soothing browns, while the neutral cool of the wall color forms a harmonic mating that brings immediate calm to all who enter. The carpeting is lush and tactile, making barefoot journeys a joyful jaunt, but the real gilding in this luxurious environment of textural abundance is undoubtedly the LED stars cape, bringing the ethereal to this edifice of ease. The circular full-moon mirror casts a protective eye over this landscape of escape. If comfort is the mainstay of coziness, then this chill out zone is sure to send you into the safety of slumber.
Log Cabin Love
Log cabins bring to mind roaring fires, snow-topped mountains, clear starry skies, and cozy nights surrounded by the calming vibrations of natural, exposed wood. Even if you don’t have the luxury of the alpine retreat, we can learn a trick or two from this carnival of comfort and protection. Natural wood cladding hides a secret diary of sins as far as pitifully pitted plaster is concerned, so choosing tessellations of weathered planks rather than perfectly pristine varnished specimens brings a very personal luxury to any room. The illumination in this sensational space casts rainbows of tonal variation across beams of naked lumber, tempting slumber with the vast, vintage divan, dressed with pillows to sink into, chaperoning you peacefully into pleasant dreams. The fantastic Ax minster rug softens the natural, rough textures of the surroundings, adding homeliness to this superior space for slumber and certain romance.
The Nearness Of Nature
Attic spaces are almost instantly cozy. A room in the gods feels detached from the living quarters downstairs, and this amazing arena of natural light, homeopathic ally blended with the energy of green trees brimming with life, casts the clean rays of nature into this minimal triangle of love. The frosted glass presents the mysterious illusion of falling rain, while the central bed appears to hover in mid-air, cleverly under lit to conjure this preternatural incantation of trickery. Triangles mate with rectangles in this trigonometrical terrain, where the right angles of the bed and the items sitting in wait on the shelving become perfect bed-partners. The marbled vermilion of the bed sheeting provides a marvelous focus in this fountain of natural color.
Micro zones
Cozy often translates as tiny, but the sexy Scandinavian influence is plainly evident in this fabulous snug; transforming the cavernous into comfort. As much a bed-shelf as a bedroom, this sleeping-zone is pristine packaged like a 4-poster bed. The wall to ceiling tongue-and-groove surrounds the funky futon, and when the curtains are closed, the secret sleeping space is loosely locked away from the stimulation of the outside – a little indoor campsite. Every square inch is accounted for in true Scandinavian spirit in this wonderfully cozy blanket of comfort. Complete with under-bed storage, this bijou boudoir may be basic, but it’s brimming with purpose and promise.
Sepia Softness
Soft furnishings are an elegant fix for large, potentially cold spaces. These wooden floors are certainly attractive but lack the homely foot-feel afforded by shag-pile rugs, but the reassuring acoustic dampening of luxuriant cloths produce warm sound in this cavern of cool. You could be forgiven for mistaking the ceiling frame as a 4-poster, but the hard surfaces surrounding the plush bedding literally drapes this stunning bedroom in sophistication and security. The tones of Latte and Egyptian Cotton spread a welcome sobriety throughout this comforting pool of reassuring earth shades. The chandelier affords decadence amongst the textured juxtaposition of fake fur, cotton sheets, and rustic basket adorning peaceful affirmation. This bedroom couples luxury with grandeur in a most successful manner.
String Lights
One immediate transformation for a clumsy space is to drench the walls with string lighting. There’s very little that the Christmas comfort of fairy lights won’t heal, especially if the surrounding decor is drab and lifeless. The cloth draping dramatically from the ceiling brings the bohemian charm of the nomadic Bedouin into any suburban setting. There’s an overwhelming spread of chocolate brown that could make you feel as though you’re living in a hole in the ground, so the lights lift what could be claustrophobic and dull.
Reassuring Darkness
The chromium steel of the pendant lamp casts a stony vignette of gradient tones, playing backdrop to this luxuriously masculine black and white sanctuary. The shapely luminescence of the reflected light motif multiplies throughout the plethora of luscious fabrics in this minimalist’s haven, from the tribal mosaic of the bedAstounding Best Modern Bedroom Decorating For Your Cozy Bedroom Ideas

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[caption id="attachment_216" align="aligncenter" width="692"]Window in cozy bedroom interior Plants on shelves and book on wooden table in cozy bedroom interior with bed against the window[/caption]spread, to the gang of assorted comfort pillows that belie the hard sheen of the blacks and the greys. The Persian feline statuette injects silent dignity into this dogma of assured, sophisticated tactility. The pitch black of the carpet sends the cozy calm into the infinity of sensual sensation.
If you haven’t collapsed into a coma of calm by the end of all that serenity and style, get yourself to the closest hardware store and get planning. We love the luxury of these fantastic spaces and hope that you do as well. Drop some comments into the comments box below and get your friends to share in the sensory overload.

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