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Cozy Corner Fireplace Ideas

clara January 10, 2021 Fireplace

In a period property, the fireplace sits in the middle of a wall. It may be cozy, but it’s not particularly practical – it renders the entire wall unusable, so isn’t the best for versatile design.
It makes sense to move the fireplace to the corner of the room if at all possible. A corner fireplace lets the space breathe in terms of design, makes the room more flexible, and can look surprisingly stylish.
We’ve swept the internet for the most beautiful corner fireplace ideas, and we think that you’re going to be burning with envy. We certainly are!
The Fireplace Peninsula
Who said that the corner needed to be at the edge of the room?
This stunning corner fireplace demonstrates what can be done with some special imagination. If you’re considering knocking down an adjoining wall between two rooms, then consider this spectacular example – open on three sides, surrounded by the infinite solidity of black marble. The textured wall is nothing short of sensational, bringing an organic sense of movement and fluidity to this partitioning peninsula. Light plays with textured shadows in a liquid stirring of magnetic motion, softening as the expanse stretches down toward the floor. The LED lighting encircling the feature wall brings a cool frostiness into the soothing dune-like asymmetry of the upper wall, drifting down into warmth as we reach the floor. The decorative vase is a perfectly blown tear-drop that balances on the reflective surface of the highly polished stone hearth. What isn’t there to love in this fabulous fireplace that warms the room, and adorns the luxurious surroundings? The shag-pile carpet may be a rather unpleasant color that feels a little dissonant and suddenly flat against the eye-catching fireplace, but no other carpet density would do in this plush showroom of elemental decadence.
The Rustic Wood burner
This rustic space is homely and eclectic. The surrounding expanse of rough, reclaimed wood is instantly juxtaposed with the softened velveteen fabric of the plush club chair and the chintzy foot-stool. The standard lamp is ruffled with luxurious texture to bring further tactile contrast to this otherwise sparse space. The corner wood-burner is raised on a stone hearth, creating a chubby hole for logs. Being tucked away in the corner keeps the space feeling spacious, even if it’s also cozy. The shiny black of the steel chimney shaft is stark and surprising in comparison with the multi-grained coloration within the wooden wall cladding. If your home is super-rustic, then you can homely-it-up with soft furnishings – soft rugs for the floor, and knitted, patterned throws bring a Bohemian sense of security to this homely snug. The scatter cushion sitting center stage contrasts skillfully with the golden velvet of the club chair. Cozy.
When the Corner Isn’t in The Corner
Just to shake things up a little, here’s an idea that incorporates corners into a fireplace where you can’t move the chimney away from the center of the room. These friendly cats obviously love the warmth of the upper shelf above the fire, and you can totally see why. This corner fireplace is stylish and striking, and sure to drag the word “wow” from all who enter this fabulous modern living space. The bricking of the firebox is a little rustic nod to the guts of the building, which is sheathed in skillfully applied, freshly skimmed plaster. The log chasm is lined in black to match the shiny surround that lips the fireplace proper. This fire is contained behind glass which means that it produces plenty of heat without the smell of a traditional, open fire pit. The organic beauty of dancing fire is juxtaposed with consciously curated right-angles that enclose this fabulous fireplace, making it a focal point that is sure to get guests desperate to stay. Superb.
Minimal Beauty
This free-standing circular wood burner is a great choice to soften the sharp edges it conceals. What works particularly well with this model is how the curves of the burner contrast against the sharp corner of the room. The corner is rounded all the more by the circular hearthstone that clearly demarcates this spot for homely heating. The shiny steel of the flue disappears into the wall, sunk into a mirrored circle, adding a little mystery to this most annular of corner warming stations. The stored logs below the burner introduce a sudden rusticity to this curation of curves and man-made metals, linking the elemental force of fire with this sexy swell of homely theater. Stunning.
The Modern
While this isn’t exactly in the traditional “corner” of the room (in that it’s not in the corner at all), it is a three-dimensional feature that has plenty of corners to admire. This central, modern fireplace is stunning, with its transparent glass chimney, and coffee table aesthetic. What room wouldn’t suddenly spring to life with a fireplace as outstanding as this one? It uses mirrors and glass in a way that you generally don’t associate with fire, but this surprising focal point adds a little pleasing, primal dissonance to this minimalist living space. This isn’t your average wood-burning fire – this is controlled by a button and springs to life immediately. Gas fireplaces were, once upon a time, something functional rather than attractive, but this spectacular surround lights up the room with heat, light, and style. The laminate flooring is clean and pristine and – reflected into the fire surround – this fireplace seems to hover in mid-air. Fabulous.
Sexy Curves
This is one fireplace that appears to pulse with the heartbeat of the building. The brickwork curves not just around the chimney, but in sympathy with the curvaceous lintel that sexily frames the upper lip of the fire pit – there’s some seriously skillful workmanship on display here! The exposed brickwork is welcoming, while the random scatter of the brick’s tonal variation gives this magical fireplace a distinct sense of gingerbread in darkest children’s legends. This roaring fire is sure to lift the spirits in this woodland lodge. The cute chubby holes for storing logs in the hearth are another nod to the angularity of this stunning corner fireplace. The amazing beamed ceiling contributes to the feeling that you’re trapped inside a fairy taleAmazing Cozy Corner Fireplace stone Ideas for Your Living Room

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Village bedroom corner fireplace. Fantastic.
Back To The Traditional
Well, you might not necessarily call this traditional, but this corner fireplace, tucked into the edge of the room, is a welcome return to normality in comparison with some of the more outlandish ideas we’ve come across so far. The open mouth of the fireplace is punctuated with a right angle, that sexily stretches the entire height of the wall towards the ceiling like a throat. The warm cream of the walls is a stylish modernistic touch to contrast with the rawness of fire in an inside space. The hearthstone, sandwiched between the firebox and the flooring, is a lovely element that suggests infinite breadth beyond the corner of the room. The expanse of black behind the roaring fire feels cavernous and mysterious. The stark use of black on white is particularly effective here – bringing a balance of tonal hue to this vast spread of whites. The wicker chairs are at odds a little in this modern room, but add some homeliness to this canvas of cool colors. The parquet flooring is stunning, adding a beautifully homely feel to this fantastic space.
Corner fires are super-stylish, aren’t they? We love how they unexpectedly create a center for a space while leaving plenty of room for furnishings. What do you think? Don’t forget to share this with your friends – find out what their thoughts are. Thanks for reading.

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