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Comfortable Corner Fireplace Ideas

clara January 10, 2021 Fireplace

Beautiful Living Room with a Corner Fireplace Pictures

Warmth is certainly the basis in interior design, making a house especially for cold areas requires a property or furniture in the form of a fireplace. Where the fireplace is not only a warmer in cold times but also as part of the interior decoration of the room. The fireplace in the middle of the wall, is aesthetically good and will look comfortable and can warm the entire room around it. But it's not very practical as it renders the entire wall unusable, so not the best for a versatile design.

Room interior designers will help you and provide solutions, try to place a fireplace in the corner of the room, sometimes the corner of the room is an area that is rarely used or even often forgotten for decoration. It makes sense to move the fireplace to a corner of the room if possible. The fireplace in the corner allows breathing room in terms of design, makes the room more flexible, and looks very stylish.

We tried searching and even uploading pictures on the internet for the most beautiful corner fireplace ideas, and we think you will burn with envy and want to have one at home. Certainly!

Peninsula Fireplace

Mountain Modern, Corner Fireplace, Master Bedroom

Who says corners have to always be on the edge of the room? This stunning corner fireplace shows what can be done with a special imagination. If you are considering tearing down the adjoining wall between two rooms just to place a beautiful fireplace, then consider this example: Open on three sides, surrounded by solid black marble for the walls. Textured walls show no lack of sensational, organic feel to this fireplace texture like a peninsula partition. The fireplace light is like playing textured shadows as they bounce down or onto the floor. The lighting of the LED lights that surround the walls brings a cool and cool feeling into the asymmetry, like the hot but soothing dunes of sand from the top wall, descending to a warmth when it reaches the floor. Decorative vases are like teardrops that are perfectly arranged to balance the reflective surface of the hearth of a very smooth marble. What's not to love about this incredible fireplace that warms the room? And decorate your room environment to make it seem luxurious? Adding a shag-pile rug in a somewhat playful color will feel a little interesting with the fireplace being a concern.

Rustic Wood Burner

Cozy Corner Fireplace Ideas The Rustic Wood burner

The fireplace in the countryside is simple and eclectic. The surrounding rustic expanse of woodwork is juxtaposed against the soft velvet fabrics and plush chairs and benches neatly arranged around the fireplace. Standard lamps are applied with luxurious textures to bring contrasting combinations to complement the touch further into this space.

The wood burner was raised above the stone hearth, creating a hole for placing logs. Tucked in a corner makes the room feel spacious, so it feels comfortable. The glossy black color of the highly conspicuous steel plate chimney rods is stunning in comparison to the multi-grain color in the wooden wall cladding. If your house is country style, or you prefer to live in the countryside, then you can beautify it with soft furnishings, such as placing a soft rug on the floor near the fireplace, and knitted fabrics with Bohemian motifs will provide comfort when you are close to this fireplace. The center-of-the-room seating with scatter cushions is a stark contrast against the gold velvet fabric of your fireplace club chair.

When the Corner Fireplace Isn't in the Corner

Modern fireplace decor, Living room Corner

Just to surprise you a bit, here's a corner fireplace idea that incorporates a corner of the room into a fireplace where you can't move the chimney from the center of the room to the corner of the room. Your pet like a friendly cat will love the warmth of the fireplace shelf, of course you can see why. This corner fireplace is so stylish and slightly flashy that it will appeal to everyone and will amaze when you enter this magnificent modern living space. The brickwork of the fireplace conveys a rustic accent, which is covered with skillfully applied plaster. The wooden case is lined with black to contrast with the glossy surrounds that adorn the rim of the fireplace. Fireplace with glass which means it generates lots of heat without the smell of smoke, like a traditional open fireplace. The organic beauty of the burning wood makes it a focal point that is sure to discourage guests from leaving the room and deciding to stay.

Minimal Beauty

Cozy Corner Fireplace Ideas Minimal Beauty

This freestanding circular wood burner is a great choice for softening sharp edges to hide. What works so well with this model is how the curves of the burners contrast with the sharp corners of the room. With the corners being rounded even more by the circular fireplace style that very clearly limits this place to home heating. The shiny steel chimney is removed behind the wall, camouflaged by placing a round mirror on the wall, adding a bit of mystery to this corner fireplace. The logs stored under the stove give this curtain a rough textured feel with grooves and artificial metal.


Cozy Corner Fireplace Ideas The Modern

As in the article title Corner Fireplace, it does not mean that the fireplace is located in a corner, but this fireplace is traditionally in the corner of the room. This fireplace embraces a three-dimensional feature that has many angles to admire. This modern fireplace is simply stunning, with a transparent glass chimney, and has the aesthetic of a coffee table nearby. What kind of room suddenly comes alive with such a magnificent fireplace? Implementing mirrors and glass in an unconventional way will be a surprising focal point and add a pleasant bit of primal dissonance to this minimalist-style living space. This is no ordinary wood burning fireplace, it is controlled with a button to turn it on. A gas fireplace is something much more functional than pulling the trigger of a match to turn it on. A clean and pristine laminate floor reflects the firelight around the fireplace.

Sexy curves

Cozy Corner Fireplace Ideas Sexy Curves

This is one of those fireplaces that seems to beat in sync with the heartbeat of the building meaning it contrasts well with the building details of your home. The brickwork arches not only around the chimney, but in harmony with the arched doorway that beautifully frames the top of the fireplace. There is some very skilled craftsmanship on display here. The exposed brick without plaster gives a natural feel that welcomes you into the fireplace room, while the tonal variations of the randomly scattered bricks give this magical fireplace a distinct kind of bread. This blazing fire will lift spirits in this forest hut. This cute, fat hole for wood storage in the fireplace spoils you and feels a sense of awe. The beam ceilings contribute to bringing you the feeling of a Fantastic fairy tale.

Back to Traditional

Cozy Corner Fireplace Ideas Back To The Traditional

Well, you might call this traditional, but this corner fireplace, tucked into the edge of the room, is like an expression of welcome back to normalcy compared to some of the more unique ideas we've been able to come up with so far. The mouth of the fireplace opens at right angles, extending the entire height of the walls towards the ceiling. The beige color on the warm walls is a modern touch that contrasts sharply with the fire smoldering in the interior. The stone fireplace, placed between the stove and the floor, is a beautiful element that conveys a sense of space and boundlessness outside the corner of the room. The black expanse behind the flames was mysterious. The use of black and white is very striking and seems very effective here, bringing out the balance of the wide spread of white tones. The placement of the wicker chairs is a bit contradictory in this modern room, but adding a cool colorful canvas painting makes this fireplace room feel simple. Stunning parquet floors add a lovely feel to this fantastic space.

Corner fireplaces are very stylish, right? We love how they unexpectedly create a centerpiece of space and leave plenty of room for your furniture. What do you think? Don't forget to share this with your friends — find out what they think. Hopefully this article can help you create a corner fireplace that you think is fantastic, modern or simply traditional in style.

Black Granite Corner Fireplace - Cottage - Bedroom

Master bedroom corner fireplace stone


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