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Creative CD Storage Ideas

clara August 9, 2021 CD Storage


If you're a fan or dedicated to music, you might be a little reluctant to join the streaming generation. But if you grew up with LPs and CDs, of course you will be less comfortable just listening to or watching streaming music. You may think of CDs as your favorite playback medium even if you switch to LPs. There's nothing more convenient than streaming, but sometimes some people are more satisfied with listening to music by inserting a disc or CD into the slot to get the best sound quality from your favorite CD collection. But it will be different when you have hundreds or even thousands of CDs and LPs, of course you will need a place that can store your favorite CDs and LPs. Organization is the key. We've searched for the best CD storage ideas to give you a little inspiration that will keep your home looking neat, and fun.

Space Saver

Storage Units Creative Cd Ideas Perfect Decor

For anyone who has ever watched a horror movie, in your mind the void under the bed is the only suitable place for evil monsters and serial killers to live. But the place is very suitable as a storage place for your favorite music and DVD collection. The beautiful parquet flooring provides the perfect space, creating easy access for the storage drawers under this king-size bed. You can make 2 storage drawers under the bed, This dual storage solution is enough to fit your CD collection, if your CDs are categorized and sorted alphabetically or by favorite, then you will have no trouble finding the right song to just match your mood.


Best DVD Storage Solutions To Keep Your Collection Safe.

We love the palette. There are hundreds of applications for using this inexpensive construction, and it's certainly one of our favorites as a CD holder. The Raw Wood Palette creates cool colors for the space, rustic ornamentation and rustic texture of wood. Because pallets are made from cheap, durable wood, you can get them or pick them up from a hardware store at no cost. The storage idea of this palette will be even more appealing with a layer of matte varnish and a little of sanding to create a smoother and more attractive finish that enhances the beauty of the simple wood. You can hang this palette on the wall, and create surprising storage space for your music entertainment collection or your favorite book collection.

Glass Panels

Creative CD Storage Ideas Glass Panels

The use of glass panels as a storage area is also the right solution, a classic Japanese Shoji feel, with the Zen-like serenity that this simple partition creates. Pull-out drawers along the wall will provide as much storage space as you need. If you keep your CDs in order, surely finding your favorite albums will be easy with this spacious double-sided storage space. Using a dark wood finish is very smart and stylish, the minimalist handle fits perfectly with the black wood framed glass panels. Laminate floors add a wood tone to an extraordinary modern space with square lamps to light up your search for your favorite CDs, Perfect and smart as a place to store your favorite CDs.

Behind the door

DIY DVD Storage Closet Behind the door

Another storage idea is to take advantage of the space behind the door. The choice of placing storage shelves behind the door was definitely a smart one, combining reclaimed furniture, chic and the illusion of fun. There's plenty of room for your entire CD collection here, and when you need to tidy it up, you just close the door, and it's all gone. This can be a great DIY project, requiring only a wooden box, with hinges, as a shelf that attaches to the wall. Also, effective as a place to store books and DVDs.

Brick and Mortar

Creative CD Storage Ideas Brick and Mortar

If you love art and aren't afraid of a grainy finish in your living room, this red brick shelving unit is a great addition to your space, while providing plenty of storage for CDs, DVDs, books and magazines. It's a permanent solution, but there's something quite pleasing about the rough texture of the bricks blending in with walls that have been plastered to perfection. Simple, symmetrical and balanced design. Brings contrast in a room full of curves and rounded edges. Shelves that are not varnished seem less integrated with smooth walls but will look more striking for the difference between the two parts between rough and smooth.


Binder-Vinyl Creative CD Storage Ideas Depth

Another storage solution is layered storage made especially for music fans. Vinyl has made a massive difference to the look, so using this vinyl material is a great option for ample storage space for LPs, and an additional shelving unit for your favorite CDs. What's impressive about this layered storage method is its comprehensive use of space and making every inch of storage space so important. A similar concept, also a solution to a more traditional wardrobe style, but with multiple units, again, maximizing every inch of storage capacity.


Unique Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas for Small Space

We particularly like the three-dimensional style construction that enhances the simplicity of the CD case and transforms it into something aesthetically striking. Uses gravity to hold each slightly tilted CD case in place, turning it into a work of art. The surrounding beech light is pleasing and pleasing to the eye and the colors it provides are easy to integrate into any room. It uses curves in a smoother linear structure, but maintains a gravitational slope that holds each CD firmly in position. Beautiful spherical art patterns, gently protruding from wall surfaces, provide plenty of storage for your beloved music collection. The interesting geometry of the storage idea was the inspiration for creating this piece of art and creates a real appeal to any modern room.


Modern Dvd Storage

Another storage idea is the trolley form, which offers a funky approach to CD collection storage, complete with a modern referential logo and an old crate. This portable frame is like an industry which makes it the perfect solution when you want to travel. Of course, the industrial look is popular and aspirational for retro fashion lovers, while the metal frame is. For a barn apartment with exposed brick walls and old ceiling rafters, this industrial storage style and chic style will complement a solid aesthetic in your home. Using a converted chest as a drawer is a very stylish storage area.


Top CD And DVD Storage Ideas For The Ultimate Movie Geeks

For some people, CDs and LPs lack aesthetic beauty. But this framed storage idea transforms the look of each of your CDs into valuable works of art. The gold-plated carvings surround the shelves, making it like a gallery framing old masters, but the interesting variety of post-modern themes is a great idea, blending one art form into another. There's enough room to store all of your CDs here, so it's a great way to keep your entire collection in one place. Or, make a statement of art in itself by arranging your CDs alphabetically, and arranging your CDs horizontally or vertically. Creating geometric textures from collective similarities.


This simple rectangular storage case becomes something of a beauty, simply by arranging the CD layout horizontally and vertically in adjacent spaces. Enough to accommodate your CD collection. This beautiful dark gray construction requires no outer covering, making it an aesthetic with the most basic of textures. Placing a candle on top of this storage shelving unit reinforces a Zen-like serenity against a neutral, creamy matte finish. This Japanese-inspired black light framing, this stark contrast between light and dark brings a strong design aesthetic to the entire room to be extraordinary.

Sometimes, beauty can be found in simplicity, and when you consider the basic shape of a CD box label, it's surprising that so much interest can be garnered. We hope you are inspired.

Creative CD and DVD Storage Ideas Easy Guides

Creative CD and DVD Storage Ideas

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Creative CD Storage Ideas

Creative CD Storage Ideas

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Creative CD Storage Ideas

Creative CD Storage Ideas

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