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Creative Garden Fence Ideas

clara August 11, 2021 Garden

Does your garden require a little demarcation? Or perhaps you want to protect your privacy, or protect your property?
Whatever the need, a garden fence is more than just a functional border – it can be a beautiful addition to your outside space. It seems that fence panels are not the only way to contain your privacy. And wood, while practical, is not the only material that marks out your patch.
We’ve searched high and low for the privacy fence, the lattice fence, the picket fence, and garden fence ideas that are sure to wow you. Read on for our garden fence ideas to bring some inspiration to your treasured plot.
OK – so we’re not exactly starting with the cheapest option, but if you’re looking for privacy, reinforced by natural style, this bespoke pebble fence is hard to beat. Get your own dry-stone wall, contained in its own cage. This may be a pricey solution, but these robust litchi cages will stand fast against the highest winds. Framed in rough wooden structures, these stony barriers are a feast for the eye and an impenetrable shield of privacy.
If you’re looking to mark out the boundary of your land, height isn’t necessarily a requirement. However, that doesn’t mean you need to opt for the obvious, rather twee, picket-fence. These train-track sleepers are striking in their simplicity, revealing the beauty of natural, unfinished wood; arranged with funky, turret regularity. You could play around with this idea, by opting for irregular heights for a quirkier take on this stylish boundary liner.
It seems that the trend for the post-less, endless panel is well and truly with us in 2018; demonstrated perfectly with this reclaimed wood-palette fencing. The variety of natural wooden hues ooze rustic allure, with the unashamed use of up-cycled, broken-down pallets. The spacing between individual planks provides some privacy, without entirely blocking out the view; which is a desirable effect if you aim to mark out the boundary, rather than isolate the inside from the outside. For a little more privacy (if that’s your thing) you could offset a second layer of pallet panels behind the front arrangement, creating depth, additional color, and character.
City Chic
If you garden is not over-looked, this erratic array of planks makes an attractive fence, without blocking out whatever exists beyond the boundary. The random height of each plank is what gives this arrangement its genuinely unique aesthetic that’s sure to be a talking point at any garden party. As the planks weather and age, they’ll develop into a technicolor rainbow of wondrous shades, adding texture, on top of style.
Long, Flowing Platforms
The individual fence panel is a bit last century; now replaced by long, fluid lines, created from walls of wooden strips, offering a stylish flow of wrap-around glory and protection from prying eyes. This flowing vertical decking effect is a great way to hide an ugly wall while increasing height and solitude. The decking motif continues in sequence, following the path of the stylish planter. The bench, built into the fence, provides a secluded spot for reading. Set against the over-sized slate tiling, and the Japanese Acre, this elegant garden is a celebration of Zen.
Cover Your Fence with Nature
If your existing garden fence feels dull and merely functional, you can brighten it up with this ingenious plant-box idea. Perhaps your current fence needs a make-over? Don’t immediately rush for a colored creosote: use south-facing fence panels as vertical gardens. Choosing trailing plants that will spill over the edge of the boxes will bring a tumbling explosion of color to your garden.
Outside Lounging
These fabulous slatted screens are the perfect site for some outdoor illumination. These palette-style fence panels are the easy fix for a little seclusion in outdoor living spaces. The lighting accentuates the wood’s natural beauty, while the raised bed with similar slatted facade makes an excellent backrest for the under lit seating. For a little seclusion, there’s no better way of excluding the outside, than with this down lit paneling.
Artisan Farming
One way to disguise otherwise featureless fencing is to shield it from view with vegetation.  This inexpensive solution creates growing space for south-facing fences. The growing trays are simply lengths of guttering purchased from a hardware store, filled with compost and seeded with lettuces. Parallel beds (as shown) look neat and tidy while providing interest and a continuous source of salad vegetables all summer long. However, if you angle the beds into a zig-zag pattern, you only need to water the top bed; gravity will feed the lower trays. As well as lettuces, you could grow beets, spring onions, purse lane, most green herbs, and trailing flowers. A great solution if your garden lacks bed-space.
Colored Creosotes
One of the most uncomplicated and inexpensive ways of transforming a basic fencing panel is to give it some color. This panel is painted with a silver birch fence-paint, and it transforms the garden with a more cozy, comforting tone. Daylight contains lots of blue light; so, choosing a blue paint enhances the energy and appearance of the color, providing real zing into your garden space.
Hanging Pot Plants
This idea is influenced by the Mediterranean tradition of hanging potted plants on sunny walls. Painted tin-cans are a fun, up cycle idea that brings color and vibrancy to a fence panel. Perhaps the main benefit of tin-can potting is that the tinsAwesome-and-Cheap-DIY-Pallet-Fence-Ideas-to-Realize-Swiftly

Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas

Cheap Fence Ideas That Will Save You Money


Fantastic Garden Fence Ideas



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Privacy fence ideas for your home

Top garden fence design ideaspots from your hardware store, choose a rainbow of silks, and get creative. We love how this mishmash of color is unified by the shades of the various blooms. Beautiful, simple, and cheap.
2018 is the year of the understated grey and the solid black. This black fencing looks striking against the green of the vegetation. The shelving is an excellent spot to cultivate home-grown herbs, and the outdoor lighting makes this secluded haven a welcoming place to relax in the night-time. Customizing a fence need not cost a fortune, but with some clever use of color, you can beautify your existing plot. This tall fencing is a continuous line of planks with no noticeable join, creating a sense of length and infinity as it stretches towards the end of the garden space.
Living Walls
OK, so this isn’t a fence per say, but the idea is a strong one which could be adapted to demarcate your property or a garden zone. This metal trellis is an effective frame for climbing plants. Given some time, the resulting wall of vegetation can hide unsightly or uninteresting walls or fence panels. Honeysuckle is a profuse grower, as is jasmine – and both smell fantastic in the early evening. If you want to attract pollinators into your garden, then a living wall might just be the solution.
What we love most about all of these garden fence ideas is that many of them don’t require a big budget, and can be adapted to any garden; regardless of size. Are there ideas here that you could bring into your own backyard? Let us know by adding some comments (or perhaps some photos) below. And don’t forget to spread the love, by sharing the article with your friends.

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