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Creative Garden Fence Ideas

clara August 11, 2021 Fence Ideas

Privacy fence ideas for your home

Does your garden need some boundaries? Or maybe you want to protect your privacy, or protect your property? Whatever the need, a garden fence is more than just a boundary that has functional value, but can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. It seems that the use of fence panels is not the only way to provide privacy for you. And wood, although practical, is not the only material that can add value to your comfort.

We've searched and measured highs and lows for privacy fences, lattice fences, picket fences, and other garden fencing ideas that will blow your mind. Stay tuned for our garden fence ideas to bring your valuable inspiration.


Stone Fences With Style

Let's start with the cheapest option, if you are looking for privacy, and reinforced with natural texture, gravel fence is hard to beat. Make your own stone wall. This may be an expensive solution, but these sturdy stone garden panels stand up to any weather. Framed in a rugged wooden structure, this rocky divider is a shield for impenetrable privacy.


Turret grove ideas

If you want to mark the boundaries of your land, height is not always an absolute requirement. However, that doesn't mean you have to choose a fence with a clear guard post. This use of railroad sleepers is striking in its simplicity, and reveals the beauty of natural, funky arranged wood. You can play around with this idea, with irregular heights as a unique look to this stylish border.


Pallet Fence Ideas to Improve Your Amazing Home

It seems the trend for a perfect divider panel with this wooden pallet fence. A variety of natural wood hues exude a rustic allure, with the use of industrial used pallets. The distance between the boards still provides privacy, without completely blocking the view. Which is the desired effect of the barrier if you aim to simply mark the boundary, rather than isolating the inside from the outside. If you want more privacy, then you can compensate with a second layer of palette panels on the back and front, adding additional color and creating character.

Chic City

Cheap Fence Ideas That Look Great

If your garden isn't very visible from the outside, it's a good idea to make this erratic arrangement of planks into an attractive fence, without blocking anything outside. The random height of each plank gives the arrangement a unique aesthetic value, and is sure to be the talk of any garden party. As the weather and boards age, they will develop into a rainbow of technic coloring of stunning shades, adding stylish texture.

Long and Flowing Platform

Creative and Inspiring Garden Fence Ideas

The old fencing panels of the last century, are now replaced by long stripes and crafted from cut wood, and offer a flow of luxury and protection from prying eyes. This vertical decking effect is a great way to hide ugly walls while increasing the height and silence. Placing a bench on the fence, provides a place to just read your favorite books. A bench placed on a large stone tile adds to the elegant impression of the garden.

Fence with Nature Concept

If your garden fence feels dull and lacking in functionality, you can brighten it up with these ingenious hedge ideas. Maybe your current fence needs a make-over? But don't be in a hurry to change the fence to color. Choose trailing plants that will bring natural color to your garden.

Relax Outside

Gorgeous Garden Fence Design Ideas

The incredible slatted screen is the perfect setting for outdoor lighting. These pallet fence panels are an easy fix and a bit of seclusion in an outdoor living room. Lighting accentuates the natural beauty of the wood, while a raised bed with a slatted facade makes a good backrest for seating under the light. To provide a bit of seclusion, there's no better way than with the lighting at the bottom of this panel.


Pushing the boundaries fence materials and design

One way to disguise a fence is to protect it by adding vegetation. This inexpensive solution creates a hedge for a plant growing room. Using the tray as a place to put plants, filled with compost and lettuce seeds. Plant holders are made in parallel to grow flowers and salad vegetables that are planted sustainably throughout the summer. Make a zigzag pattern, and you only need to water the top, gravity will make the water flow to the lower place. Apart from lettuce, you can grow leeks, purse lane, most green herbaceous plants, and flowers. A very good solution if your garden has no place for plants.

Colored Creosote


One of the most simple and inexpensive way is to change the basic fence panel is to give it a color. These fence panels are painted in silver birch paint, and transform the garden in a more comfortable and soothing tone. Daylight contains a lot of blue light, so choosing blue paint will increase the energy and look of the color more striking, and bring real vibrancy to your garden space.

Hanging Potted Plants

Gorgeous Fence Planter Box Ideas

The idea of using this hanging plant is influenced by the Mediterranean tradition of hanging potted plants on the wall. Using painted cans is a fun idea and brings color and vibrancy to fence panels. The main benefit of tin pots is as a place to grow plants and create creative ideas. We love how this mix of colors is brought together by the different shades of various flowers. Beautiful, simple and cheap.


Top garden fence design ideas

Black fences will look striking when combined with green vegetation. Shelves are an excellent place to grow plants at home, and the outdoor lighting makes this secluded paradise a welcoming place to relax for the evening. Making a fence doesn't have to be expensive, but with a smart application of color, you can beautify an existing plot. This high fence uses rows of seamless planks that create the impression of length and infinity stretching the entire length of the garden space.

Live Wall

Living wall ideas creative ways to plant a green wall garden

This garden fence panel is not made of wood, stone or other materials, but a fence with living plants growing on a medium. Metal trellis is an effective frame for climbing plants. Given some time, the resulting vegetated walls can hide unsightly fence walls or panels becoming more attractive. Flowers such as jasmine will add a fantastic impression in the afternoon. Living walls might be a good solution for those of you who like living plants with a variety of flower colors.

What we love most about all of these garden fencing ideas is that many of them don't require a big budget, and can be adapted to any garden, regardless of the size of your garden. Are there any ideas here you can take to your own backyard? Try to innovate with your clever ideas to make the garden more beautiful and attractive. And don't forget to spread the love, by sharing the article with your friends. Good luck!

Cheap Fence Ideas That Will Save You Money

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Creative Garden Fence Ideas

Creative Garden Fence Ideas

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Creative Garden Fence Ideas

Creative Garden Fence Ideas

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