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Creative Tile Flooring Ideas

clara August 12, 2021 Flooring Ideas

Floor tiles instantly introduce a professional, homely finish to any room and have a place in kitchens, living rooms, hallways, and bathrooms – not to mention bedrooms. Perhaps they don’t embody the wombs comfort of a shag-pile carpet, but what they lack in tactility, they make up for in contributory style. Tiles are hard-wearing and built to handle heavy footfall; they don’t taint like laminates or flatten like a thick-pile carpet – a tile will remain in perfect condition for years and years and years.

Whether you favor pattern or wish to stick with complementary sober tones, there’s a floor tile just waiting to support your feet and enhance your style. Because floor tiles are practically permanent, it’s a good idea to shop around for ideas before you commit yourself to something you’re going to have to live with.
Which is why you’re here, of course. Let us guide you through the most exquisite tile flooring ideas so that you can make a decision to make your room sing; rather than hum a muted drone that no-one’s interested in hearing.

The Gloss

Tile flooring for living areas is typical across the Mediterranean, where the constant heat makes fluffy rugs and carpets dusty and unbearable. In colder climes, they work perfectly with under-floor heating; making the bare-foot journey across pleasantly warm tiles a real pleasure and a little slice of luxury. These super-sized, high-gloss marble-effect tiles are made from porcelain but coated in a highly-finished glaze that responds like the mirror-still surface of a lake. The individual tiles stylishly mismatch, adding the unique distinction of nature to this beautiful, minimalist expanse: calming in earth tones and energetic whites, juxtaposing against a spectrum of topping greys that bring definition to the walls and the furniture. These fantastic tiles maximize the broad expanse of empty floor; providing personality that reflects the light back into the room. The disparate wall art is a homely touch in this minimalist living space that uses its soft furnishings to bring a gentle calm to the hard shine of the floor and the flat tone of the walls. Stunning.


Patterned floor tiles are at the cutting edge of vogue right now; and these beautiful Lattice tiles – designed by Dee Hardwired – have warmth, style, and a subtle neutrality that won’t overwhelm a room, like some of the other highly motif pieces on offer. The neutral Pebble Grey creates a warm tonal palette to calm down the clinical anonymity of the bathroom furniture. The petal motif is delicately outlined in blue; presenting a suitable feature color for mirror frames and shelving to further enhance the features of this lovely bathroom. The sudden dash of intense, brownish red in the foot-stool demonstrates how vital tones are given life and breadth against the subtlety of grey; a striking contrast that adds dimensional, tonal depth. Superb.

Vinyl Decals

Sometimes you want something with a little impermanence. Perhaps you’re renovating and don’t want the inevitable mess and hassle of tiling. Individual, self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles can quickly transform a dull room into something quite stunning. Vinyl maintains more natural warmth than a hard, ceramic tile, as well as better acoustic dampening. Often a tiled room can feel a little echo and empty – vinyl is a great compromise in this case. Vinyl tiles are usually suitable to stick directly to an existing floor surface – they adhere firmly and remain in place for years. They’re relatively simple to lift once you decided that a change is required, or can be re-covered by new vinyl if they’re fully secured to the existing flooring. This bold floral design brings Gallic charm to this bright and spacious hallway, lifting the stark white of the walls by toning down the glare, and offering a warm, subtle hue of sand and grey. The stone grey of the display bowl demonstrates how the flooring can inspire feature colors throughout the rest of the space. Equally, these beautiful designs are available as individual tile stickers to cover a boring under-tile, as demonstrated in fig. 2. Practical and stylish.

The Patio

Who said that the indoors is the exclusive mainstay of the beautifully designed tile? This wonderful patio is given a fabulous elevation through geometric patterning that beautifies with a distinctive styling rarely seen in garden decor. This fantastic patio is lifted to the heights of the outdoor Roman temple; with its deep, regal azures, enhanced by the daylight, while bringing warmth to dusky evenings spent entertaining or reading under the stars. The fabulous geometric patterning gives this outdoor area the coziness of the interior living space, existing symbiotically underneath its very own patch of ever-changing sky. The garden furniture is primed for leisurely consumption: the white runner sweeping across the dining table unifies with the floor tiling through its dual blue strips. The dark wood of the chairs is striking against the white and blue, while the outer frames of the windows are painted in a similar smoky hue as the motif in the tiling. With its established garden shrubbery and majestic surrounding trees, this bungalow is certainly given the wow factor with this striking outdoor space. Marvelous.

Herringbone hallway

This fantastic herringbone flooring is as unexpected as it is stylish. The deep reality of royal blue, extending along the ceiling, gives this long, thin space an extra sense of depth with a tardiest-like horizon. The brilliant white of the walls plays a beautiful counterpoint to the deep tone of the ceiling, creating a crisp line between edges that is striking and remarkable. The window introduces much-needed light, inundating the space with an energetic gleam that’s dazzling and welcoming. But the crowning glory has to be these ceramic tiles, created to emulate the texture and feel of wooden boards, but with a robustness that laminate often lacks. The randomly-arranged tinted board-tiles graduate from light tones, accelerating towards the dark mystery of the doorway, with a little cheeky nod to Doctor Who. Uniformity isn’t always necessary or desirable, and this is an excellent use of quirky design that brings genuine wonder to all who tread these stylish boards. In figure 2 we have a herringbone bathroom flooring in striking marble, full of texture and dimensional interest. Surprising, fascinating, and daring.

Into the Woods

Sometimes all you want is wood; but for bathrooms, wooden floorboards can lack uniformity and resistance to prolonged exposure to moisture. So, these ceramic tiles, designed to resemble genuine floorboards are a wonderful compromise. With under-floor heating, these lovely tiles provide texture and luxury, while adding some earth tones to this lovely, white bathroom. These wooden-effect tiles bring the best of both worlds to interiors and can be arranged in lots of beautiful ways. Check out figure 2 for a beautiful herringbone arrangement that adds design possibilities that would typically be impossible with traditional floorboards. The dusty grey-is hint of the tiled boards in figure 2 establishes a fabulous expanse of space against the anonymity of white walls and the stunning stand-alone bath. Beautifully stylish.

The Contrast

When the entire bathroom is stark and white, it can feel as though we dissolve into a glaring, cloud of utopian uniformity. This fabulous white bathroom might look cold and spartan were it not for the warmth of the busy, motif floor-tiling: the warm blues and Navajo white of the tiles tranquilizing the intense gleam of the walls and the furniture. The blues lift some of the natural spectral azure from the stark white, while the distinctive lighting adds an additional dimension of warm spaciousness. In figure 2 we see a striking feature wall in Empire Blue: clean and sheen, and framed by crisp lines around the stunning Georgian caving. The feature color reflects in the striking thistle motif in the floor tiling, unifying the spiky with the stoic blue. In figure 3, the contrast between the wall- and the floor-tiling is stunning. White brick tiling, highlighted with grey grout, is particularly in vogue at present; but the deep, slate black of the floor tiling, here, in hexagonal tessellation, is both a tonal contrast and a textural juxtaposition. Fantastic.

The Mismatch

Elaborately patterned tiles are currently de intriguer, and the mismatch is an interesting take on the increasing embrace of motif design in flooring. Repetitious motif is too uniform and dizzying for some; so, the mismatch brings dimensional texture to a floor surrounded by single tones. This half bathroom is stylishly industrial, with exposed piping and glossy brick tiles, framed in dark grouting. The redwood furniture elements are enhanced by the predominant muted reds embedded into the intricate designs of the random tiles. This is a great way to make use of bespoke, hand-painted tiling. Figure 2 demonstrates how mismatched patterns – deep in greys and muted reds – make a stunning canvas of interest against a dull, gloss kitchen. They’ve experimented a little with shape and size, here – some of the designs are 4-tile motifs, interrupted with a random tile in one corner to break up any hint of uniformity. Striking.

We love how pattern has returned to vogue to breathe life into rooms that were once consigned to the flat, singularity of safe, muted tones. Tiles can undoubtedly elevate an uninspired space, and we hope that we’ve helped you discover some inspiring ideas that will help you beautify your home with texture and color. What do you think? Feel free to share this article with your friends and get the conversation started.
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Creative Tile Flooring Ideas

Creative Tile Flooring Ideas

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Creative Tile Flooring Ideas

Creative Tile Flooring Ideas

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