Jennifer Seo | Whither to Measure

On view February 8–March 2, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, February 8th 7:00–10:00pm
Closing: Saturday, March 2, 12–3pm

Conscious attempts to preserve and exact a memory in effect deconstructs it, but remembering is a reconstructive process. Memories are not records. They are partial, plastic, and in that way fragile. Recalling a specific memory repeatedly begins to degrade and thin the experience while at the same time builds it into something new.

I have a tendency to “examine” a specific detail, when “practicing” a memory. Consequently, there is an oversight of the whole story.

I remember an intrigue felt as a child when I was handed a squid on a stick sold from a cart on the harbor somewhere (details of exactly when and where I do not know). Was it the salty taste? The wiry tips of the tentacles? The translucent flesh? Or the glittering light hitting the water in the background? It's not a special memory, or was it, or do I want it to be a special memory, but something stuck. And, I practice remembering it, but the more I pick it apart it loses its form.

My works are visual parallels to this process. Focusing on this modification, each work is based on a select fragment of a memory, displaced from its context, and elaborated on. For instance, the squid and its proportions are re-examined by interpreting it into a foldable template that is superimposed on its image. The paper is cut into along the template in an attempt to reconstruct a likeness which falls short. While the tentacle rings, adorned with impermanent salt crystals often used as preservatives, are a tactile interpretation through a thing that invites touch. A ring is often worn to incite a memory or feeling tied to a loved one or specific time period. They almost serve as talismans for remembrance.

I want to explore where the line is between cherishing something that's precious and coveting a sparkling thing?
Awe and interest
Attention anticipation
Distracted by detail
Meaning/structure is applied retrospectively
Deterioration of intent
Distortion of original
Accuracy becomes a hindrance

There is a difference in what is expected/intended to what is realized. How do we weigh what is lost to what is gained?

Jennifer Seo is San Antonio based artist and MFA candidate at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She received her BFA from Baylor University in 2014. Her meticulous drawings and sculptures examine the process of remembrance and forgetting.

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