#Untitled by Hayfer Brea

Exhibition dates: September 13 - October 5, 2019

Opening Reception: September 13, 2019 7PM - 10PM

Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery is proud to present # Untitled, an exhibition featuring the work of artist Hayfer Brea. Through a study of photography and installation the artist will explore the contrasted idiosyncrasies that underline the dichotomy of the American dream from the perspective of an immigrant in San Antonio. Relying on the artist’s identity as a Venezuelan native-turned-refugee, Brea documents his surroundings through the eyes of an“other,” allowing him to see the city without lters. Brea says of his explorations, “...I am able to focus on objects and situations that are unusual for me, but are perhaps common and insigni cant for the local.” In # Untitled Brea explores the dual nature of his documented spaces through the chromatic lens of the American ag and the abandoned spaces inour country that wear its colors.

about the artist

Hayfer Brea is an artist and visual researcher from Caracas, Venezuela living and working in San Antonio, Texas. His work focuses on problematizing the vision of the landscape, experimenting between the formal and the conceptual, and the contemplation of landscape poetics.

In 2019 Brea was one of the featured artists in the New York Foundation for the Arts Immigrant Artist MentoringProgram in San Antonio. He has exhibited extensively in Latin America, Europe, and North America, and notably has been shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas in Caracas, Venezuela, the Centro de Artes in San Anto-nio, Texas, the Gallery des Grands Moulins, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France, the Holzhauer Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, and the Pedro Esquerré Gallery, Provincial Visual Arts Center, Cuba.