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Fantastic Deck Roof Ideas

clara August 3, 2021 Deck

A deck is an investment in the outdoors, providing a defined living space that exists entirely so that we can worship the world of the weather and the open air. Outdoor living is exceptionally desirable: we all need to escape, and the opportunity to feel the sun and the wind and admire the stars is the aspirational extension of the home that will add value to your existence (and potentially your property).
But, of course, outdoor living is exposed. If you live in temperament climes, you’re as likely to fall victim to the rain as you are the sun. And if you can rely on the sun, you’ll need some retreat from its rays.
We’ve found some outstanding deck roof ideas that will keep you and your space cool and stylish while allowing you to continue to enjoy the great outdoors should the weather prove an unwelcome guest at the party.
The Wild Wild West
Wow. There’s going to be a lot of that in this article, we think. We’re not just agog at the beauty and functionality of this fabulous deck space, but look at the setting. This is the dream-lodge that we all desire: a construction of carefully created comfort cuddled in a canvas of green. This deck is an extension of the home, and the angled roof is sturdy and reassuring. The fabulous fireplace makes this outside room as cozy as any indoor lounge: enveloped by nature’s gentle song, permanent tree bathing in ancient woods, and the ventilation of open walls. This deck roof offers durable protection from the elements – both the sun and the rain. Imagine sitting out on a warm summer’s evening, listening to the gentle rain as it lands in descending puddles that cascade beyond the protected boundary of this beautiful deck. Wow.
For Privacy
If your decking is overlooked, you might want to shield your space from prying eyes but invite the sun to penetrate: washing the area in energetic, patterned light. This attractive right-angle tessellation motif provides the reassurance of self-containment without the claustrophobia of enclosure. The roof stretching down into the side screen forms a comely continuation for the eye, adding perspective and depth. The three-sided raised bench adds additional dimension and definition to the footprint of this outside space, giving it a sense of cozy seclusion away from overly-interested outside eyes. Stylish and functional, this screen idea provides decent ventilation for the fire-pit, preventing a smoke trap for those cooler evening rendezvous. Beautiful.
The Slider
The problem with permanent roofing is that it shields out the sun as well as the rain. If your decking area is your sole source of sunlight, you’ll probably want to enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather. This retractable parasol is a fine idea for disciples of our great star, as well as those who require sanctuary when wet. This concertina roofing can set you back a pretty penny if it’s motor-driven, but there are a wide selection of these sexy sliders that are manually opened and closed. Manual operation is imparted either via a pulley and hand-turned crank, or a rod that drags the whole unit from one end of the roof to the other to bring down installation costs. This roof has been selected in a similar hue of blinding white as the wall-render which unifies the flexible roofing with the building. The floating staircase to the right of this decking area invites the eye upwards, teasing you with promise of roof-top reclining zones. Aspirational.
The Sun Room
This three-sided screening is beautiful and private, forming a sun-room with the open breeziness that makes outside living so tempting, and a screened roof that is a consolidated component of the overall construction. The treated wood screening gives the feel of an outside enclosure while remaining an effortless element of the outdoors. You might prefer this Japanese-influenced outdoor chamber to remain distinct from the bushes and trees that surround it; or invite climbing vines to explore the slatingAmazing Roof Decks Better Homes & Gardens

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Top Ideas to Have a Classy Rooftop Deck Design

Unique rooftop deck ideas to relax and entertain in style, adding natural textures of growth around the walls and the ceiling, giving the impression that you are seated within the luxurious canopy of living flora. This is nature and beautifully purposeful structure combined in a sensational sun-room that you could enjoy all year round. Superb.
Infinity Decking
This decking area has the protection from the rays of the sun, and some shielding from the rain if needed; although the narrow nature of this staging would only shelter from directly falling drops. But what really lifts this surprising sun-trap is the sheet of water cascading into the pond below, like a dangling tongue slurping at a lake. It gives this bamboo construction real, exotic character and introduces a subtle mysticism to this simple construct. The flat roofing sharply plummets, creating a posterior wall that elevates a simple ceiling idea into a consciously conceived outdoor room, with the remaining three walls to the anterior, open and welcoming. The comfy seating and the wall-art give this outdoor space the feel of an indoor boudoir, according this Polynesian platform a homeliness that has few boundaries. Stylish and fun.
The Porch-Deck
This outdoor decking is both a porch-style seating area and an extension of the stylish interior. The bi-fold doors of this fabulous frontage fall open entirely to the elements. The slatted pergola stretching across the girth of the building provides both decent protection from the weather and a covered outside-seating deck that extends the footprint of the interior room: offering a generous blurring of usable living spaces. This decking would make a perfect platform for practicing yoga in the fresh air, and for lounging around when the sun’s rays magnetically draw you from the inside. The powder-coated steel framework of the deck roofing unifies wonderfully with the framing of the bi-fold doors, making the deck an indelible part of the building’s construction. We want to live here!
The Lean-To
The simple lean-to is a much-maligned addition to the home that offers a satisfying sanctuary from the claustrophobia of the inside. The plastic corrugation is, perhaps, lacking in looks, but proffers both protection and seclusion. If you’re a fan of camping (especially in temperate climes) you’ll be familiar with the soothing sound of raindrops on canvas – this plastic roofing sings a satisfying patter when exposed to falling rain which feels comforting while keeping the outside space functional. This sharply slanting roof is a relatively simple DIY mission that will extend the inside outside without breaking the bank.
The Pergola
The pergola is a curious construction, providing a sense of enclosure while not actually containing the space at all; it suggests shelter without fully canopying the deck it purports to protect. In our opinion, a pergola is a frame for climbing plants: grape vines provide protection from the sun and the light rain, while producing fruit that can be consumed or left to feed the birds. This stylish wooden erection is in perfect harmony with the deck’s construction and so feels an ineradicable element of this welcoming deck configuration. The elegant fire-pit that sits in the center brings primal fascination to this modern, outdoor lounge. The seating is functional rather than comfortable, but this space would be perfect for a boozy midnight huddle. Wonderful.
We love to sit out in the sun; or listen to the rain as it lands on the sheltering roof of our favorite outdoor spaces. We think that these deck roofing ideas are really top notch – a great selection of materials that enhance the architectural attributes of the surroundings, while adding the practicality so needed for outdoor living. What do you think? Share this selection with your friends and let us know what your thoughts are.

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