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Fun Media Room Ideas

clara September 8, 2020 home

A media room is a bit of a luxury, it’s got to be said. But if you work hard, then why feel bad about a bit of relaxation? A little, unashamed luxury is good for the soul.
If there’s a part of your house that’s currently a dumping ground for all the trash you can’t find a place for, you have a prime location for a media room.
The lounge is the typical choice for indulging in the latest blockbuster, but sometimes it’s fun to just escape to an entirely different part of the home. A media room can be a home cinema, a room custom-designed for listening to music, for playing darts and pool, or just for chilling out.
Check out our favorite media room ideas. We think you’re going to love them!
The Inexpensive Conversion
There’s no reason why a media room need cost a tiny fortune. This funky little space has emerged, Phoenix-like, from the graceful gable of this simple attic. All you need for this set-up is to board out your attic’s existing beams with a conversion kit from your local hardware store and get it carpeted. If all you have up there is a screen, projector, and a few comfy armchairs, you shouldn’t need to worry about reinforcing the floors. Obviously, consult your local builder first.
This space has retained its rustic charm by exposing the A-frame, but boarding out the rest of the roof-slats for a clean finish. With a couple of movie posters to set the tone, this room is ready for blockbusters for years to come.
The Dedicated Theater
This super-sized, wall-length home-cinema screen makes this rather plush media room a perfect place for all of your friends (and possibly all of their friends!)
A classic cinema has dark walls; some kind, ambient lighting; and dark soft furnishings so that you can entirely lose yourself in your movie once the lights have gone down. This two-tier seating has broken with tradition a little by incorporating light-colored sofas for a more homely feel, with an orange highlight in the scatter cushions. Note that the comfort blankets subtly mirror the colors of the cushions to bring a little style to this otherwise functional space. The inset, LED lighting offers some room ambiance, while the pendant lighting behind the back row provides a little retro chic.
Lounging Luxury
This exceptionally stylish, modern media suite is the ultimate in comfort; with a triple-daybed configuration so that you can utterly veg out while you enjoy the wonders of the silver screen. Daybeds are the total lounger’s essential – for the rest of us, we may never make it through the opening credits as sleep beckons us into the comfortable land of Nod. Most of the floor space is taken up with the super-sized seating, so there’s no doubt as to the intended function of this dedicated movie palace. The ceiling inset, complete with warm LED's and cappuccino walls makes this quite a prime location for slumber. Super-strong coffee for me, please!
The Minimalist’s Movie-Haven
The dark-chocolate walls and ceiling zap ambient lighting like a vortex once the illumination slips to ambient in this dedicated temple of cinematography, allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on your movie. The inset ceiling lights enable obstruction-free access between the ceiling-mounted projector and the giant silver screen, while providing enough light to make this a relaxing space once the closing credits have fallen. The white caving and skirting boards offer a little context in the chasm of dark shades, while the funky, textured wall art brings a sneaky touch of visual interest to the otherwise uninteresting decor.
For The Sports Fans
This is a room dedicated to leisure. The beautiful mismatched plank cladding on the far wall give this funky space the feel of the log cabin or the clubhouse, while the polished floorboards accentuate the rustic tradition of the country club. The pool table takes pride of place, while the bar stools are just awaiting company for an evening spent with pals, shooting a little pool, while drinking a couple of stubbiest. The corner sofa, in a blue that echoes the cloth of the pool-table, introduces a welcoming space for conversation. The hard-wearing weaved rug has been placed with the expectation of much foot-fall, making this is a superb space for whiling away the hours.
The Whole Shebang
If you’re planning on designing your perfect media room, then why not go the full hog and build yourself a full-sized (rather well-stocked) bar? This is the dream media-space you design for your favorite Sim characters.
The unashamed heart of this temple of leisure is the bar area, with its marble table-top and tie-dye effect lighting. The bars tools are certainly padded for comfort, so it would be tempting to spend the entire evening sipping on cocktails. But you couldn’t waste the evening boozing when you’ve got your own home-cinema on-hand; complete with curtains to close out the bar space for when the main event kicks in.
There’s something of the art decor about this space under a sweeping staircase, lending a cheeky nod to the glamor of the golden age of the silver screen.
If you love your movies, your music,A cinema-style living room with two ofa levels at the bottom and top

A room with a big screen with a grey sofa

Family room with a long sofa at the bottom and two chairs at the top

Family room with big screen and fireplace underneath

Family room with big screen and red room

Family room with black sofa

Family room with brown sofa

Family room with colorful sofas and checkered carpets

Family room with gray sofa

Family room with green sofa and blue walls so it looks luxurious

Family room with long brown sofa

Family room with pool table at the back

Family room with red chairs and a billiards pool

Family room with red sofa

Family room with sofa and red chairs and blue book cabinet

Family room with tiger skin shades

Family room with white sofa and all-white room feel

Family room with white sofa and walpaper photo as background

Family room with white sofa with red pillows and big screen

The family room is black.

The living room, big screen and white chairs lined up with tables in each seat and your sports, these funky media rooms might just give you a few ideas about how to transform that under-used area into a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and indulgence. We love the super-sized sofas and the ambient lighting, making these rooms something really special. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. And share with your friends. Now that you've seen the top picks for Beautiful Girls Nursery Ideas, it's time to share. Let us know which one interests you and be sure to share it with all your friends. They may be inspired to make some room changes in their own home. Good luck!

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