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The New Year’s Eve ball has dropped and now everyone wants a fresh start for the New Year. Whether it’s mind, body or surroundings, when a new year rolls around, everyone is looking for ways to reinvent themselves, their home and their life. This is no different in the home decorating world. When it comes to our home, Americans are spending more time than ever there and they want to enjoy it from year to year without being bored by their surroundings.
In order to keep the interior of your home full of life and feeling fresh for the new year, take cues from these home decorating trends as seen below.
Everything old is new again
Vintage is hot.. Both repurposed and refurbished home furnishings will get new life again. Experts predict styles from the 50s, 60s and 70s that included tapered legs, geometric accents and curved back seating becoming popular once again. Think Mad Men. So, stray away from overly matching decor and opt for a playful furniture addition from the 50s, 60s or 70s. Not only is vintage in style, but it’s a great way to use older furniture pieces in a whole new light.
Go for bold
When it comes to color, think bold. Not only will turquoise and green colors remain popular as they have been, but various hues of bright pink will reign. Also, subdued colors such as sage green, barn red and mocha brown will increase in popularity. And don’t be surprise to see close to neon colors being used for outdoor furniture. From lime green and vibrant orange to a shocking Caribbean blue, these colors will add instant energy to an outdoor space. And, who would’ve thought wallpaper would make a comeback? Well, it has and will continue to be a great way to add a bold pattern to a room without adding expensive artwork.
Look up above
 Embellished ceilings will become a popular focal point in decorating. Don’t be surprised to see ceilings painted in bold colors, architecturally enhanced or prominent chandeliers hanging from them. And, for a fun and chic look, hang a chandelier in an unexpected place such as a bedroom, bathroom or a closet.
Keep it simple
As home sizes decrease, the need for keeping things organized and in their place increases. It is essential to have an organized home when it’s smaller, so anything that can help a homeowner keep their dwelling neat and uncluttered will be popular. And, anything that can be functional while helping you organize will be hot. A great example of this is a storage ottoman.
Easy being green
While “living green” may not exactly be a new trend, it is one that is here to stay. Now that people have become more educated on how little things can greatly and positively impact the environment, homeowners will continue to be drawn to recycled or reused products for the home. And, homeowners have learned that LED lighting, echo-friendlyAwesome Interior Home Decor Trends

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