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clara November 12, 2021 home interior

Top Home Decor Trends for 2021 Best Living Room Ideas

The latest trends in the art of decorating and home design for 2021 will see the dominance of nature in all of its expressions, and it looks like these design trends will continue in 2022. Because the theme of nature is currently widely loved to be applied in interior design.

From the use of wood, where wood is a great material for making furniture and accessories, to the visible colors of wood grain strokes and leaf greens, and palettes that interpret the basic elements: earth, water, air, and fire. So that it becomes the year of ecology because of the design that seems natural.

Still regarding the elements that come from the earth, such as natural stone also plays the role of the protagonist, materials such as wood or natural stone from rural dwellings are optional and strong. And because aesthetics has its advantages, its more opaque versions of gold and brass will be a sign of timeless luxury and charm, while also giving the home a brighter shine.


Home Interior Design & Decoration Trends 2021 Ingredients

Natural elements are the main way: wood, iron, glass and stone will become the dominant materials and the favorite choice for experts, architects and interior designers. They will provide advice for those of you who want to renovate their home in the new year. These natural elements are known for their durability and ease of application.

Trendy Wood

Home Decor Trends 2022 Top 10 Styles Everyone Is Talking About

Wood will be the dominant material in 2021, among other materials, in addition to the Nordic style to complement, the house will also achieve global success, cementing it in the simplicity and warmth that you can find in the elements of nature. The materials you can use for furniture production, thanks to veins, patterns and imperfections, that make furniture truly personalized.

Most of the wood elements adhere to the Scandinavian style which will be taken into account in the 2021 trends, because globalization will place more emphasis on the way we view and arrange apartments or houses, combining styles, colors and lines without problems and fears of not being in accordance with the art of design.

Trendy Glass

Home Interior Design & Decoration Trends 2021 Trendy Glass

Glass elements will also become dominant in 2021, with certain developments for the realization of furniture accessories that will decorate the decor of the corners of the house. The need for freedom in an apartment or house is smaller and provides a strong natural appeal, making glass an ideal material for making bookshelves, dividing walls and much more. But also the outer wall in a modern structure that underlies the character of a dwelling. With industrial style being the most successful trend, glass will become a widely used material.

Trendy Stone

Home Interior Design & Decoration Trends 2021 stone materials

With the use of natural materials and elements, stone is also an option that cannot be missed, stone is one of the simplest materials available in nature and is successfully used as a form of great satisfaction in the field of interior design.

In a city of modern homes, natural stone walls will make any room warm and welcoming and have a great effect on the landscape. What do you think about renovating a house, preserving one or more walls with natural stone, or covering walls with stone or brick? It will be a choice that will be in line with the 2021 trends in design and give new life to the home.

Design Style Interior design trends 2021

Although the Nordic style dominates the trend, 2021 opens up opportunities to combine different styles, creating original situations even in the same room. Ethnic style will stand out more, relying on the use of natural materials and very bright colors, for a dynamic and thriving home.

The placement of elements such as leather rugs, with patterns reminiscent of savanna animals, wooden furniture with unique carvings, will become one of the references and be on the first page of catalogs of major furniture companies.
On the other hand, industrial style in which iron, stone, and wood are utilized and used in a modern way. Styles that are traditionally suited to large spaces such as halls or other open spaces would represent an alternative option, with object restoration, all creatively recycled. Not that these two trends can mix, fantasy and aesthetic.

Interior design trends 2021: colors

As every year, the Pantone Institute of America has explored the color identities that will be protagonists of the furniture and design trends in 2021.

Colors of 2021

Home Interior Design & Decoration Trends 2021 furniture

The trending color in 2021 will be more referring to the green color, the Night Watch, selected from the official Pantone publications that we identified in this nature-inspired palette, these are the hallmarks for next year.
The Night Watch is a rich and intense shade of green, green with a dark emerald hue. So that it will evoke a naturalistic theme, because green is a color that inspires serenity and a serene environment.
Indicated or categorized as a dark color, but the application and use of this color in a larger place will be very suitable and bright enough, therefore, in a room with a smaller dimension, its use will be less than optimal. Therefore the unfortunate use of small walls is sometimes considered less than optimal, but identifying small accessories and complements, and incorporating colors such as desert desert color or mustard, to give charm and brightness to the environment.

Color palette 2021

Along with the Night Watch, the Pantone agency has identified several color types. That is 8 palettes, with a total of 72 colors that will be the protagonist. What's more, the next season will certainly be in stark contrast to the previous years.

Strong, intense, and bright colors will dominate again, and will make the home much more attractive. Therefore, tones such as caramel, chic gray-blue, white, burgundy red, caviar black and gold will not disappear from the trend.
It's a very fun mix of lifestyle and culture, it also explains the imaginative colors that respond to names like Green Island, BluePrint, Spice Route, Chai Tea, Red Aurora and Wild Orchid. So that this color palette is the basis for the color trends this year.

Interior design trends 2021: furniture

Interior Design Trends For Summer Of 2021

For this promising year is characterized by nature and environmental sustainability, with the basic concept of protecting the Earth from disturbing phenomena, such as pollution and global warming. Recovering and recycling old materials and objects will be an important step.

As the basic motto of the Scandinavian style, which means alive and happy, restoring natural materials allows for the creation of many small accessory elements that will beautify your home.

The mixing of trends, seems to create an orderly mess, and it is possible for you to switch to ethnic styles, taking inspiration from different cultures of the world, accentuating a bit of craftsmanship. Therefore, handcrafted furniture with imperfect textures makes it unique.

Touches of dazzling luxury style are certainly also not to be missed: the presence of gold in the elements, bright colors and never goes out of style, will beautify the home.

As an alternative to gold plated metal, you can replace it with brass, where this brass will be placed side by side, another version that is cheaper but very chic is to apply an antique brass floor lamp in a modern living room, then it will be an attractive choice and give the impression tasteful under the aesthetic aspect.

For other articles on the latest information to tips and tricks on home interior design, visit several websites that provide an explanation of the 2021 trend design inspiration, and also find other residential interior design inspiration. Hopefully inspired.

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