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Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas

clara January 9, 2021 Basement


The basement is often associated with horror stories or even the scariest places for families to visit. These basements are usually damp, cold, poorly lit, and of course without windows. An ideal hideout for some sort of psychopathic killer. Sometimes someone ventured into the dungeons to investigate those strange sounds? But in reality before you reach the dungeon you will run and not stop running away from there.

The dungeon already had a bad report card, and was considered a place for maniacs and perverts. But the basement can also make a living space and fantastic, comfortable, quiet, and naturally cool.

A well-lit basement will give the impression of not being scary. So, forget about the notion that dungeons are killer nests. Browse the internet for basement lighting ideas or other media sources that can help you find the right lighting for your basement. Lift the space under the stairs, into a warm and cozy space that will envy everyone who enters it.


Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas The Rustic

Setting up a basement as your bed or privacy is a great thing, the placement of a fantastic country-style floating bed can imbue your memories of the countryside into a room that once seemed like a hut, and is now playing its role as a place of peaceful serenity. Perfect. One of the troubling issues is how to aesthetically unite all the rooms of the house, and remove the creepy, damp and cold mystique of the basement. Sure, we all love plastered walls, warm rugs, and clean, tidy ceilings. The addition of string lights or LED lights in the basement will create a different atmosphere in the basement in terms of lighting, these lights are widely available in the market. So this solution of implementing LED, or string lights can bring a little of enlightening inspiration to everyone who enters your basement. This solution requires high ceilings, which most cellars don't have, and can be a great display case along the wall for your beloved items, lighting up the space while providing interesting artwork to add to the mystery of your luxurious dungeons.

New things

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas Boozy Novelties

If you're one of those cognoscenti in other words booze inhibition, then there's a choice of ways in which you can get creative using a water bottle as a means to bring light into your basement. This whiskey bottle light pays homage to everyone's favorite bourbon brand while creating a stylish talking point. The application of an antique filament light bulb is the perfect choice for a light fixture with character. And while they don't really give off a lot of bright light, they do offer an excellent vibe to a cozy space. Another lighting idea using bottles is the JD bottle shape, incorporating LED's that change color due to the refraction of the bottle, thus turning the beautiful signs of the past into a slick and evolving work of art. Another idea is to create a good lighting effect for the space by making use of ambient lighting, incorporating randomly adjustable string lights to refract the liquid in the bottle to enhance a cozy atmosphere with less eye-catching lighting in the intended basement.

LED Lighter

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas LED Downlight

LED lights have changed the world of lighting, of course we know that LED lights can provide excellent lighting, and this is a great example of the versatility these little lights can create. This lighting effect will bring a bit of ambient light into your basement by projecting sweeps of light across the floor, giving the illusion of depth and height, this application of LED lighting is also useful for rooms with low ceilings.

You can make your own quite simply, just add a cheap possible set of strip lights where you can control the color and tone of the lights using the remote control. Lighting can enhance any atmosphere, especially when lighting is allowed to illuminate indirectly. This idea is easy to customize, so you can mirror the effect like a lighter onto the top of the wall. Very simple indeed, but very effective for creating the impression of a comfortable atmosphere, and far from scary.

Bottle Light

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas Bespoke Bottles

This very creative lighting feature makes a great addition to a basement, where you aim to maintain a bit of the natural roughness of the space. You can get this lighting effect with an old-school bayonet glow bulb, this light bulb will produce consistent and intense light. The plumbing arrangement and scaffolding connections reinforce the industrial theme that adds authenticity to this cellar to the seductive orange shimmer of this recycled beer bottle. Of course, you can vary several bottle colors depending on the tone of interest you want to add. This would be an excellent lighting idea for the basement.

Remote Pump

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas Pumps Away

Placing industrial objects and using them in a decorative context is a very good thing and good at recognizing the beauty of art. Furniture such as an old gas station can decorate a room and make brilliant lighting that brings more than just the effect of luminosity to your basement. There is an impressive contrast between textures to display here. The use of exposed brick will add character to any room, while unpainted wood will add natural value to its use over time. The pendant light bulb has a unique perms-twist value to the cord, making it quite attractive to expose. While the bulbs are impressive vintage filaments that will take you to a simpler time. Eye-catching and clever, it will make for the perfect decoration for someone who is proficient in home electricity.

Stairs, Twigs and String Lights

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas Ladders, Twigs And String Lights

If someone suggested that an old staircase and a bunch of dead wood would make for an interesting decor and lighting configuration, you might laugh it off. But, it's very effective, isn't it? String lights with large light bulbs, will spread light into the space, while stairs, twigs as decorations will create a unique frame, and as a place to put a long lamp. An old-fashioned staircase might look a little nice, but it makes a basement like the perfect inn with this funky lighting idea. The twigs add to the gritty and texture of the decor, while the dangling gem-like strands introduce some unexpected bling to elevate this lighting idea into something truly extraordinary and perfect.

Many basements have relatively low ceilings, so this is a good idea to implement and will probably manipulate the ceiling height with your head. You can attach this incredible staircase furniture to the wall, by applying it horizontally.

Stair Tread Lighting

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas Stair Tread Lighting

LED lights and stairs are a classic combination, lighting beautifully shines into this luminous staircase. Basements often have no windows, so it feels a little dark and gloomy, this is a great way to increase the warmth and coziness of the basement. A painted staircase will look clean and stylish, will bring a bit of scientific aesthetics to your favorite basement. There are many ways in which LED lights can elevate the sophistication of lighting so that stairs will stand out more, but in our opinion, these low-illuminated steps will provide a sensational sense of safety and the best example we've seen on any staircase.

So, those are some basement lighting ideas that you might be able to apply so that the basement atmosphere can become a comfortable and pleasant place to live for you. We love how light can lift a simple space and turn it into something extraordinary. What do you think? We would love to hear ideas from you. Hopefully this article can be useful for you, and you can pass on innovative basement lighting decorating ideas to your friends.




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Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas

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Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas

Innovative Basement Lighting Ideas

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