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Extraordinary Bathroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Basement-Bathroom-Ideas Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

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Everything appears to be defying gravity in this striking bathroom; even the walls. The wooden paneling on the back wall is under lit, presenting an illusion of buoyancy. The double sink unit appears to float, even though its length defies physics in its ability to remain attached to the wall without floor supports. The ceiling is beautifully lit along both sides in contrasting hues, suggesting magical suspension rather than solidity. The thin, wooden ceiling strips that stretch from one end of the room to the other accentuate the length of the space; echoed in the mirror wall, affording an impression of height. The massive floor tiles further elongate the area in soothing tones of fawn, which extends its way up along the end wall to bring unity between floor and ceiling.

bathroom ceiling ideas Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This may only work for a cozy space, but the corrugated steel ceiling here gives the distressed wooden train-sleeper cladding the finishing touch. This windowless cloakroom may feel a little bijou, but imagine the surprise of your guests as they’re transported from the flat beige of a corridor into the charm of the alpine lodge with this playful step into Narnia. Fun and memorable, this corrugated feature hides the disappointment of an ugly Art ex ceiling.

Extraordinary Bathroom Ceiling Design Ideas Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Victorian Splendor

Extravagant Bathroom Ceiling Designs Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The bare concrete walls add urban sophistication to this minimalist bathroom, negating the need for echoed tiles. Polished concrete (if perfectly crafted) has heaps of natural interest, and the wall-length feature-window floods the space with natural light, affording this grey chamber of clean a feel of openness and nonchalant style. The flat concrete of the ceiling reinforces the idea that it doesn’t need to battle against the walls and flooring to be beautiful. The shower area is clearly demarcated by the addition of a grey, wood-effect floor covering, and the shiny stone of the vanity unit. The industrial solidity is interrupted by a single tree trunk painted in distressed grey, acting as a stand for toiletries.

Extravagant-Bathroom-Ceiling-Designs-to-be-inspired Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This bathroom contrasts between strict right-angles of the super-sized tiling used for the walls and the flooring, and the striking offset anomaly of the oval, stone bath. The rounded tub is directly mirrored in the randomly scattered inset LED's, bringing the beauty of a starlit sky into this rather blank canvas. It’s got to be said, that this space feels a little empty and soulless; it would benefit from a few splashes of color, achieved with contrasting blood-red accessories, such as plant pots and matching flower arrangements. But the shimmering stars bring warmth to this otherwise rather cold bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Plus Tips On How To Accessorize Yours Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The Infinite Abyss

stunning-interior-inspiration-for-shower-room-ideas Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Bathrooms don’t need to be uniform, and this cleverly contrasting bath-zone is an excellent manifestation of textural variation. The plain white of the floor and wall tiling is reflecting in the flat white of the plastered ceiling. But this spacey white cavern is suddenly divided by a striking, wooden bathing platform. The geometric perfection of this striking zone is broken up with the haphazard tessellation of redwood panels, inviting the woodland of the outside into this territory of natural warmth and calm. The dark chocolate window frames are mirrored by the bath towel, casually draped over the edge of the stark white bath that unifies the white with the wood.

A-modern-attic-with-a-blue-tiled-bathtub-and-white-ceilings-and-a-sunroof Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This matte black ceiling, once again, contrasts beautifully against the rotated brick tile feature. The block of black drips down from the ceiling to a perfect picture rail height, affording a fabulous disparity in the monochrome of the color scheme. The black upper walls may feel oppressive in a small space, but a blending of the two zones is achieved by stretching the mirror from the white into the black, along with the shower screen reaching the same height as the mirror. The monochrome is punctuated by the sepia of the towel bin and the wooden stool. The subtle green of the leafy plant sitting atop the floating sink is striking in its subtlety.

bathroom-ceiling-art Interior Design Ideas Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

so there you go – ten totally stunning bathroom ceiling ideas that elevate a bathroom from blank nothingness to a showstopper. We love the variety of textures that color, cladding, and lighting bring to the ceiling. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section. And don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends. The sky really is the limit! There’s no ceiling of creativity here!
Beautiful All Ceiling Designs Bathroom
bathroom-ceiling-art Interior Design Ideas
bathroom ceiling ideas
Extraordinary Bathroom Ceiling Design Ideas
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Plus Tips On How To Accessorize Yours

Beautiful All Ceiling Designs Bathroom Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas


Extravagant-Bathroom-Ceiling-Designs-to-be-inspired Ceiling Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This bathroom is built into the apex of the ceiling, and the addition of double deluxe windows is a feature that floods the space with clear skies and daylight; inviting the outside inside. Perfectly positioned over the inset bath, these accessible windows add the romance of a starry sky or an igloo of isolation, depending upon the season. Who needs wall color when you have the beauty of nature so prominently featured in this aspirational bathroom space? Bathrooms and kitchens sell a home, and this superb use of glass is guaranteed to have visitors agog and desperate to move in.

Starry Night


This solid, flat black ceiling is a beautiful contrast against the regularity of the white brick tiles and the bathroom furniture. A black ceiling might truncate the height of a room without a careful eye – in this case, the fully tiled walls are perfectly framed by this slab of incessant black, broken up by a single light fitting, affording elevation rather than deflation. Further interest in black is introduced with the hexagonal tessellation of the floor tiles. Dark ceilings are very much the look of 2018, providing a stunning feature wall on a previously unused surface.

Defying Gravity

Does your bathroom need a lift? Perhaps you’ve spent a fortune on bathroom furniture, but that finishing touch alludes you. Have you considered the ceiling? You wouldn’t consider a wedding outfit complete without a hat, so why should your bathroom be any different? The bathroom is more than just a functional space for washing and abutting; it can be a haven of peace and relaxation. Think of the hours you’ll be spending in the tub – gazing up at a boring, white ceiling. The ceiling isn’t just a functional slab that gets a cursory lick of paint a couple of times a decade.
You’re going to be staring at that dull, white slab a lot; so how about making it something special? We’ve scoured the web for some of the most inspirational bathroom ceiling ideas. They needn’t be expensive, but they’re certainly stylish.

Going Nude Is the Best Disguise

Zones of Luxury

The ceiling needn’t be a separate entity, and this super-stylish monolithic statement couples itself perfectly with the end wall. The back lighting suggests anti-gravity: extending the theme with perfectly central spotlights, floating like distant UFOs. The angularity of the razor-sharp right angles of the wall and ceiling panel is reflected throughout the bathroom in natural stone. The harsh edges become softened by annular bathroom furniture, which appears to be floating in a geometric anomaly. The floor tiles juxtapose the strong horizontals and verticals of the walls and ceiling, offering a diagonal dimension to this cleverly balanced haven of space-age cool.

Corrugated Steel

The Monolith

This stunning inset ceiling zone is not just a feature of interest in a stylish bathroom but provides illumination in true night-club chic. The LED lighting perfectly frames the inverted sunken channel, seemingly hovering above, bathing the room in moonlight. The LED's should be capable of color shift to suit your mood; providing a less ambient light when needed. Cool or warm white is required for day-to-day functionality.

Extending the Ceiling Downwards

In direct contrast to the super-space-age, this stylish, Victorian-influenced bathroom is capped with practical, painted cladding. Ceiling cladding hides a multitude of sins, so if your current ceiling plaster is less than perfect, this tongue-and-groove cladding offers immediate uniformity and texture, and can be painted in a silk finish to keep the light flowing around the room. The wood of this ceiling balances the fengshui with the stone of the vanity unit, the metal of the bath, and the glass of the shower screen. Stunning.

Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas

Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas

Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

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Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas

Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas

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