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This picture might not necessarily be of a garage, but this flooring has an exotic charm that could completely elevate an ugly concrete floor to the heights of stunning very simply. Burnt wood cladding is the material of choice for many high-end architectural projects these days, and it’s easy to see why this unusual method of preservation has become such a go-to for exterior dressing. This partially burnt plywood is smoldered to enhance the natural gaining of the wood in a fascinating labyrinthine network of organic paths. Each plank has its unique motif of feline camouflage, as if a big cat has surrendered its coat for a patchwork of fractal allure. Charred timber is a Japanese art that helps to preserve the wood against the elements for exterior cladding, requiring no further chemical treatments to keep the lumber in good condition. However, the level of charring used here has simply brought out the natural beauty of the wood, varnished with a low-gloss finish to create a comfortable surface for walking on. Imagine your garage transformed with this cheap, simple method of Japanese preservation.

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Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas Exotic and fantastic

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This rubber garage floor is specifically designed for spaces intended for high mobility, so parking your car on this surface makes a lot of sense. There's something satisfying and luxurious about the sound of rubber tires hitting the rubber floor, as if you were driving into an upscale showroom. These rubber floors offer acoustic dampening, so if noise is an issue then these rubber surfaces are a great choice. This rubber material floor is laid on a perfectly flat epoxy floor, thus bringing uniformity to damaged and cracked surfaces. The rubber will eventually seal cracks and imperfections, but the benefits of uniform color with the epoxy floor will eliminate any surface imperfections that may occur. This rubber floor is very practical and stylish.

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Epoxy is a highly hard wearing liquid surface coating that can be polished to give a glassy finish. This garage floor will look like a swimming pool because of the super glossy finish and metallic effect that makes the eyes feel as if they are diving straight into this blue pool. One of the unique features of epoxy is the ability to immortalize anything under this clear varnish forever, like the Volvo logo in this example. This metallic epoxy is more expensive to install than standard uniformly polished surfaces, but every penny you spend upgrading a basic garage into a space that guests proudly invite guests to admire is well worth it. Metallic epoxy produces a stunning marbled effect that can elevate the value of a dirty cheap concrete floor into one of the most luxurious surfaces, at a budget low enough for you to apply to your garage. Enhanced further with a high sheen, this extraordinary metallic finish features swooshes of precious stone variants, camouflaging unloved and forgotten floors. There are at least 50 colors of epoxy that you can embed on the floor in your home.

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Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas Exotic and fantastic Garage Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas

Garage is often interpreted as a place for storing goods such as cars, motorbikes and bicycles. We often forget that the garage is a space that has a very valuable value other than being used just to store a car, and can add real value to your home. The garage is often thought of as the lowest-end dump for drill bits you'll never find, boxes of other stuff you'll never use, and auto parts that should've been thrown away. Garages are often unloved, uninspired, and missed opportunities.

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Who would have thought a garage floor could look so spectacular? We love how the ultra-modern finish instantly increases the value of ugly floors in your garage. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and make sure the garage floor is never again abandoned. Bring your garage space to life with a glossy floor.

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Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas Stylish

You can turn the most basic space into a grand space dedicated to recreation, wellness and relaxation if you just look down and see its potential. We've scoured and scoured the internet to find the best garage floor ideas that turn a biased concrete floor into something spectacular. Put on your sunglasses, because you will be dazzled by the results of a bright future garage.

This garage has a stylish sheen that gives its owner a sense of permanence, purpose and a projection of pride. Vinyl flooring is a favorite in public buildings, in addition to its function, this floor is also durable, has a flat and consistent surface, and is resistant to heavy traffic and pressure. This is due to high gloss polishes, as is the case here. So in a room that will experience a lot of action, a non-destructive surface is what is needed. The checkerboard configuration is contained within a red vinyl floor, with a red stripe design separating the gray vinyl that runs across the floor. There is an interesting baritone design, this design will give this space a bit of a fire station feel. The weather board is both aesthetic and practical, helping drivers steer their car into the center of the garage with ease, a bit like a demarcation on the floor of a car park. Practical and neat polished concrete surface is very sophisticated, and refers to the design of urban spaces for leisure activities. This garage floor showcases the natural variations contained in the concrete on the surface, but instead protects it with vinyl or wood. Polished to highlight the beauty of its natural variant in a multi-colored rainbow gray. The garage turned into an urban bar space, complete with polished concrete sections and work surfaces, shelving using sheer scaffolding and rustic-style planks of exposed brick. As a space for entertaining, this space with a concrete floor accentuates urban chic more. The cage-shaped lampshade extends the industrial feel, while the semi-glazed concrete floor brings a bit of sophistication to the aesthetics. It might look a little underwhelming, but if you're aiming for a trendy look rather than a simple one, then this collection using cold and hard concrete can be a good choice.

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Polished concrete requires a perfectly even finish getting its best look. If you find cracks or stains on this concrete floor, there are so many ways you can hide the fact that the floor has it damaged, unless you accept the stains and imperfections of this incredible and very subtle nature look like the room has been flooded with oil. This layer of blue moonstone elevates this ugly space into something spectacular. The scheme of cracks in the concrete extends like veins through the pure blue ocean, reflecting light in a prismatic refraction that makes every inch of this surface unique and dazzling.

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Exotic and fantastic.

Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas Superb

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Best Garage Floor Paint, Tiles or Mat

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If you're planning to permanently throw some bankers and bikes out of the garage for good, paving the way for a home gym, then interlocking rubber mats are a quick and easy non-permanent option to help warm up a cold room and provide protection for your home. You and the equipment. If you can't stand to always go to the gym at the fitness center, then having your own gym room at home is the best way to be dedicated in shaping a beautiful body is the best way for the future. Interlocking rubber mats are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to cut to accommodate awkward pillars and corners. The rubber gives the floor a natural bounce which can help reduce stress on the joints when doing aerobics and help prevent damage to the equipment if it falls to the floor. This home gym has been transformed from a block hook into a stylish and inspiring space for physical activity. Pine-effect cladding elevates this chilled space to warmth into nature, while white panels with shelving provide an alternative, clean place to balance limbs while stretching. This is a home gym that anyone should be proud of.


Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas

Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas

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Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas

Interesting Garage Flooring Ideas

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