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Interesting Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

clara August 6, 2021 Kitchen

Floor tiling is more than just an impervious barrier between the feet and the floor. The right tiling will enhance the beauty of your kitchen units while adding some unique personality into the heart of your home.
Kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. Fact. So, whatever you do, don’t overlook the flooring: get your guests wandering into the wow factor, introducing a little of the inimitable fantastic that sends you for upgrading.
We’ve discovered a great range of kitchen floor tiling ideas that take the traditional and turn it on its head. There are shiny surfaces, rough surfaces, dimensional surfaces, and surfaces that elongate a narrow kitchen.
The Transition
 We’re starting with the newest innovation in floor covering – the transitional tile. Hexagonal tiles are particularly in vogue this year, and this bubbling splatter of earth tone hexagons adds an unconventional demarcation between the food prep and eating zones. The jagged edge brings to mind waves stretching along sandy beaches, highlighted by effervescent waters, stealing land onto sandy laminate planks. It may appear a little random, but this irregular transition can be found in many modern spaces; from restaurants and the funkiest of bars, to modern homes that aren’t afraid to experiment. Spot these transitions tumbling from bar areas, spreading across the floor like spilling liquids. Striking, interesting, and sure to get people talking.
The Wooden Brick
This wooden brick tile is beautiful, durable, and entirely individual. At first glance, they appear to be cast from conventional, aged, glazed ceramic; but on closer inspection, the grace of the grain reveals itself in this magical material trick. Wood, by nature, is warmer under-foot; So, these unique tiles could offer an excellent solution to a chilly kitchen floor. As they age, these timber tiles wear the scars of scratches and dents like a badge of honor. This exciting take on wooden flooring is as unique as it is a wonderful rainbow of burnt oranges that appear to glow like burning embers. Stunning.
This diagonal checkerboard tiling has never really gone out of fashion. The diagonal of the arrangement is what makes this striking floor covering so outstanding, while the thick black border emphasizes the regular geometry, clearly differentiating the kitchen zone from the dining area. This diagonal flooring is all the more eye-catching because the units and the walls are a stretch of clinical white. The turquoise wall inset, housing the zipper arrangement of storage boxes, plays against the diagonals of the floor. Striking.
This beautiful galley kitchen presents a clear contrast between the dark, silken black of the cupboard doors, and the fascination of repetition throughout these stunning floor tiles. The dark woods suck up the light while the white of the tiles brings much-needed radiance back into the space. The regular tiling pattern in duo tones of blue accentuate the length of this narrow kitchen space, while the pale blue diamond feature introduces lines as the eye joins them together along the length of the floor. Although there is plenty of natural light provided through the skylights and Georgian windows and doors, the marble worktop (while being a touch on the anomalous side in relation to the ordered surfaces) helps reflect light back into the room.
Typical Two-Tone
This two-tone kitchen is bewitching in blue:  bouncing natural reds and browns of the varnished woods against an astonishing azure. The herringbone wall-tiling adds a geometrical quality to this carnival of straight lines, while the black and white patterned floor-tiling is a stunning celebration of the circle, contained within squares that echo the inset cupboard paneling. Black is used as an additional feature color in this stylish 70s scullery, which takes the deep shade of grey from the funky 70s floor pattern, and unifies it across the entire arrangement. The shelving and the naked pendant bulb complete the interest of industrial chic mixed with a 70s sensibility that soothes as much as excites. This is a unique use of pattern in an otherwise rather blank canvas of understated style.
Triangle Tessellations
This simple kitchen is a wash of clean, white lines. The matte of the cupboard doors and the molded resin work-surface bring an almost clinical feel to this rather featureless kitchen. Everything is clean and has its place – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what adds real depth of texture and interest to this ethereal kitchenette is the two-tone regularity of the triangular tessellation introduced by the floor tiling. What works so successfully in this geometric design is the apparent appearance of oval outlines around a bed of two triangles, connected at the apex. However, when you look a little more closely, you realize that the pattern comprises entirely of straight lines. The breakfast bar is a nice idea that makes use of the sudden barrier between tiling and the beautifully restored floorboards, drawing some tradition into this modern tableau of regular lines.
Dark Against Light
We love the sudden contrast between the dark and the light in this surprisingly arresting kitchen. The upper walls are bright and airy, sandwiching a wooden worktop between the depths of royal blue and black of the cupboard doors and the Agra. This is such a successful use of striking color that, rather than swallowing up the luminescence, it actually solidifies the deep, dark, matte swatches of flat tonal interest. The stylish floor tiling could easily be achieved with a quality, but could give you dots before the eyes in a less well-balanced color wheel of deep shades. The floor hexagons, here, make a striking statement, adding obtuse angularity to the strict right angles of the walls and shelving. Green is used as a living feature-color to great effect against the stark white of the upper surfaces: plant-life bringing energy and creativity to this wonderful world of pattern and contrast.
Simple Clean.
This final foray into fabulous flooring differs directly from the wild patterns and textures of the previous selections. This kitchen is beautiful in restored Victorian: the drooping eyelid door- and drawer-handles send you straight back to postwar train journey, while the gleaming brick-tiles take us back to Victorian baths. When you have so many periods features so lovingly re-enacted, to overdo the flooring would be a crime. Here, they’ve chosen the perfectly smooth and the unconditionally neutral to keep all eyes on the units and that fabulous Belfast sink. The frosted effect achieved by the ceiling-to-floor drop-bBathroom And Kitchen Floor Tiles Prices Wall Tiles Price




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Floor tiling can make a statement or can be simply stylish in their neutral anonymity. We know that these kitchen floor tile ideas will get you re-evaluating your floors, and pulling up that ancient latex. Tell us what you think. Share these great ideas with your friends so that you can swap plans for that all-important redesign.

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