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No boundaries. No rules. That is Karen Pepper’s motto for designing rooms. As a second-generation interior designer working with Edwin Pepper Interiors of St. Louis for 12 years, Pepper knows her own style. Yet, the rooms she designs are not “Karen Pepper” rooms. They are all unique, unpredictable and entirely the homeowners.
Pepper describes herself basically as the medium who brings homeowners’ visions to life. “I get to know my clients by asking a lot of questions. I get to know how they live; how they feel.” This way she is able to personalize every room to what the homeowners want. As the definition of a designer goes, Pepper has the artistic ability to turn abstract ideas into formal designs.
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One can tell from the rooms she has designed that Karen Pepper likes to have fun with her job. She can design any type of room from stately and elegant to fun and cheerful. “It’s better to be unpredictable and make things happen than to do everything text-book style,” she says.
She enjoys playing with the space using colors and textures. These two elements, she says, create the attitude and tone of the room.

Refined, upscale style creates a romantic ambiance. Breathtaking drapery is custom-made by Edwin Pepper Interiors. The fabrics add texture and flair as well as comfort. The decorative ceiling draws the eye to the lavish light fixture. Everything about this room speaks of elegance. It will welcome your tired soul, bathing you in glamour.
Every room should have a good mix of creative touches and functional spaces. Pepper addresses the creative side with the varying textures in a room to set the mood. She uses furniture in a stylish way to add functionality to a room, using plush fabrics to soften the look.

The only thing Pepper seems to disapprove of is creating a look that is too matching. She thinks this look seems staged and unoriginal. “A home should be a statement about the people living in the house,” she expresses.
Pepper says it is important to mix old and new items to create a comfortable feel. “It’s a technique of blending and assimilating where one thing plays off another.”
She also stresses that homeowners do not need a lot of money to create an exclusive look and feel. “Family heirlooms that are handed down and pictures of family and friends make the house a home and they don’t cost a thing.” She has the ability to design a masterpiece within every budget.

Rich browns and blues are laced throughout the furniture, rug and wall hangings, evoking feelings of home and comfort, while crown molding sets the stage for elegance. A charming window seat invites guests to catch a view of the glorious outdoors, and a sprinkling of greenery adds life to the room. The eclectic style mixed with stately touches creates an all-around gratifying room.

If there is one thing Karen Pepper brings into every room she designs, it’s character. She likes to take risks and add variety. She emphasizes that “if there is no unique or original quality the room will lose a personal feel.”
Edwin Pepper Interiors is located in St. Louis. Renowned for custom drapery, interior design and exquisite home furnishings, they have been in business for more than 40 years. One of their main strengths is their in-house drapery workroom, giving them complete control over the design of their fabrics

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