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Inventive Pallet Fence Ideas

clara August 5, 2021 Pallet Fence

Who’d have thought it? That most functional of industrial fabrications – the wooden shipping pallet – becoming a thing of beauty. Built for strength and durability rather than aesthetic attraction – raised from the most basic, low-grade wood – the pallet has a plethora of practical DIY applications that could help transform your formless garden into a unique space that you created for yourself.
If up cycling is your thing, you’re going to love our selection of pallet fence ideas. If transforming an ugly duckling into a stunning swan is your mods operation, then sit back, enjoy and get inspired.
The Wonder wall
We couldn’t start more basically than this – but what a stunning way to bring those ugly pallets to life? Simply by alternating horizontal and vertical slats, this wall has been given texture, direction, and form. Weed suppressant cloth provides containment and total privacy, forming apt accommodation for a wall of plants that trail, bloom, and bud their way through the summer. During autumnal months, the greens will turn to an ever-changing palette of morphing vermilion and rusty browns. Succulents provide structure and pattern, while ivy is invited to include trailing charm. Horizontal slats operate as shelves for potted plants. This living wall provides glorious color and endlessly evolving texture throughout the year. The rustic wooden desktop and the plywood, molded chairs offer a material unity in this outside space for concentration. The inclusion of metals in the table- and chair-legs brings elemental balance to this horticultural Wonder wall. What a winner!
The Herb Garden
This pallet has been transformed into a vertical garden for herbs. By facing the underside outward, we create an uncluttered palette of herbal cultivation that will feed your visual palette as much as add interest to your meals. The hand-written labels in elaborate calligraphy brings a charming element of personality into this rustic celebration of pallet rebirth. When you lack appropriate flower-bed space, vertical beds such as this can maximize your growing capabilities, while making the most of every available south-facing wall or fence panel. Adorn your existing fence with living interest, and reap the benefits of fresh herbs all summer long. Simply by nailing a bottom to the bed slats, you create a self-contained pot that will keep the compost in and nourish your herbs. Wonderful.
The Irregular
This bespoke fencing might be a pallet-construction or could be the product of a high-end artisan, but has the same three-dimensional attributes as the trusty pallet and demonstrates that regular isn’t always right. This stylish fencing could easily be purposed from pallets and goes to show that depth is often more interesting than uniformity. These slightly irregular planks are intermittently arranged between thin strips to frame the irregularity of the frontage more solidly. What is particularly interesting in this example are the gaps – and the three-dimensional depth these provide when we see a plank on the posterior. If you’re looking for something interesting to break up the regularity of standard fencing, then this is a great idea. The tonal variation of the planks goes further to add texture and interest to this irregular arrangement of everyday materials. Funky.
Wall of Wood
This idea is simply pallets stacked up and screwed together, creating a privacy screen with a natural glow. The closely-fitted planks provide enough privacy to block out the outside, while literally glowing from the inside out when the sun hits the sun-facing posterior. This light box feature adds space to a small garden, so could be a good solution for anyone who needs privacy without the feeling of being boxed-in. This is a cheap, simple DIY project for anyone with a few power tools and a determination to make something neat out of something a little rough around the edges. These tall pallets necessitate some substantial posts to support them. Creative.
Outdoor Shelving
Industrial pallets are often held together with a standard frame – and that frame can create an attractive outdoor shelving unit for candle holders, plant pots, decorative trinkets, and curiosities. These pallets are topped with a shelf, bringing the homeliness of the inside into the outside arena. These little outdoor display cabinets would make a great boundary separator for partitioning a large garden – make the patio area feel divided from the lawn with a boundary of tealights and objects dart. This is a really simple idea with endless possibilities. For more privacy, you could stack the pallets on top of each other, but they would require some extra support. An excellent idea for those who aren’t afraid of a little idiosyncratic clutter. Cute.
The Chevron
Up cycling takes materials destined for the tip and breathes new life into them, and this chevron pallet design makes terrific use of old wood that might otherwise end up in the skip. We love the tonal palette procured from pairing planks-from-other-pallets at random; adding a textural interest in an otherwise flat rectangle. There’s nothing quite like juxtaposing right angles with diagonals to feed the eye with an attraction that plain squares just can’t do. It seems that the older the plank, the more interesting the tonal shading – each piece here tells a tale of toil and hard graft. If you’re looking for a DIY project with a little style, then these pallet fences frame your garden with color, texture, and the weathered smear of dedication. A triumph.
The Cross Section
OK, so this particular example is not exactly in the garden, but this idea could certainly be easily adapted. This is a creative, pallet deconstruction: created from pallets cut into regular strips, then alternated, producing a brick effect in negative space. We love how this simple partition idea makes maximum use of the pallet to build height – and the spaces between the framing would make appropriate accommodation for climbing plants in the great outdoors, or creating a living wall inside. This structure needs the support of a firm wall or an external frame that reinforces this tall, thin build. Endless possibilities sprout from this simple idea. Undeniably inspired.
The Planter
Pallets make fantastic fences, as well as perfect planters. The pallet’s construction effectively makes it a vertical box, but containing compost is the challenge. This simple lining idea is created with some weed-suppressant material and a staple gun – who doesn’t love using one of those! Fill the compost-hammock with some nutritionally-rich soil, and you’ll get your garden growing in no time. This idea would be particularly suitable for trailing plants, such as lobelia, Lysimachus, or even trailing succulents. Create a boundary with the cheery welcome of summer blooms. Practical and prettAwesome Pallet Fence Ideas to Realize Swiftly in Your Backyard

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The common pallet surely has wow-appeal with these excellent pallet fencing ideas. Who would have thought that with a little inspiration, such impressive structures could arise? We love how this most humble of fabrics contributes such an array of ideas. What are your thoughts? Let us know about them in the comments section below, and tell your friends to share their thoughts as well. Happy gardening!

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