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Modern Grey Bedroom Ideas

clara August 6, 2021 bedroom

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Modern Gray Bedroom Ideas in 2021

Modern Grey Hotel Room

Modern White Bedroom Ideas







Tufted-headboard-and-silken-drapes-give-the-room-an-air-of-luxuryGray may have been a go-to color for people who were skeptic about the color of home decor, but times have turned to fashion with understated grandeur that is clean, modern, warm, and stylish. Grey shares the spectrum with blues and contrasts fantastically with feature colors such as palatial purples, and rustic reds.
We’ve found a fantastic formation of fabulous grey bedroom ideas, using the sober reliability of grey as their base, with a playful dash of charm and decadence. Enjoy our great, grey bedroom ideas.
The Bachelor Pad
There’s something inimitably masculine about shadowy shades in this bedroom. This superb selection of tonal mystery and textural sophistication is enough to get the most steadfast soft furniture frothing at the mouth. The grey, here, is dominated by the silky sheen of the bed sheets, while the walls are such a dark shade of grey that light is stealthily sucked out. The wood panel wallpaper adds a touch of textural interest in contrast to the flat, moody ash of the gable wall. The comfy oxblood leather of the butterfly club chair and the burnt orange of the table’s singular shank create a detail of rich tones that pop out from the mass of deep grey, injecting some much needed understated disparity. The angle-poise lighting brings a little character to this aloof den of untold secrets. Very stylish. Very shades of grey.
Controlled Contrasts
Although this space is particularly minimal and spartan, there’s a regal sense of self-confidence in the dark tones from the blue end of the grey spectrum. The walls are solid panels of color that reflect the light in intriguing ways, changing the perception of depth and shade. The deep red of the mirror-polished mahogany juts out from the unassuming grey, while the red spectrum continues along the stripped floorboards and the burnt orange bedclothes. The wall art and the light shade demonstrate how grey can be grounded by earth colors and lifted by the fire of reds.
Is It Grey? Or Is It Blue?
These walls are a fabulous limbo between grey and blue. The bed clothing warmly embraces a sea of sapphire tones, with the transience of sand dune landscapes in the tumble of covers that add such interest in this ocean of Atlantic blues and greys. The rug sits firmly in the grey camp, highlighted with sandy pinks, while the earthly woods of the immaculate flooring and side table bring a warmth and sobriety to this fantastic election of muted pastels. The sombrero-like woven wall art creates a vortex of fascination in a room that oozes calm and restfulness. The addition of sheepskin adds a little touch of unfamiliar decadence to this modest mariner of aqua reflections, reinforced by the mirror that represents elemental waters.
Depth And Illusion
The complex, irregular geometry of the contrasting greys give this space an unnatural sense of convex depth. This clever effect can make a small room feel spacious, by presenting the illusion of surprising perspective, influenced by the Escher school of color theory. I’d certainly steer clear of mind-altering substances while residing in this stylish boudoir that can’t seem to get enough of shocking tessellation. The duvet cover and the bed- cushion go even further into hypnotic practicality; literally sucking you in. All of this madness, however, is softened with the use of white, and the box-crate side table that suggests a much more bohemian approach to home decor. The beautiful ash of the laminate flooring brings this crazy mass of three-dimensional pliability gracefully down to earth. The alarm clock and the silver globe are the only non-angular additions to this fetish of straight lines, offering some softness in this noise of irregularity. Interesting and fantastic.
Reclaimed Reality
This fascinating wash of reclaimed timber is balanced beautifully by the cloud-grey of the back wall, and the graphite grey of the bedside rug. The bed, the side-table, and the chest of drawers are all cut from a family of unrelated planks, creating an interest of color, texture, and a rustic salute to weathered woods. The greys continue through the rug at the foot of the bed, but this time, grey plays counterpoint to the white of the wardrobe, reflected in the base tones of the carpeting. The floorboards are a deep shade of Vermilion, grounding the reds, as the tonal greys rise up the walls to the ceiling. The bedclothes are a soothing swatch of shades influenced by the rest of the room.
Simplicity Itself
This spacious, bright bedroom is warmed with shades of grey against a heavenly white. Grey is a feature color, here, echoing in ripples throughout the room; from the light shade, to the table legs, to the super-sized headboard and bedclothes, to the print in the curtains. The blanket holder at the foot of the bed adds an additional texture to grey, with a hessian feel that rebounds into the unfunded rug that brings a surprisingly relaxed touch to this ordered decision of minimalist modesty. The beautiful matte of the stripped floorboards adds a base of earth tones to this luminescent arrangement of serenity.
A Doll’s House
The super chunky knit of the silver throw adds a dizzying perspective to this space, giving the room the feel of a miniature replica of an adult’s boudoir. Grey is very much a feature color here, reflected in the fake fur rug, the bed base, the cushioned headboard, and the end walls. Adding to this shrinking illusion is the plethora of doors that appear from behind the mirror. Baby pink is a charming complement to grey, adding a welcome softness in this doll’s house of confusing dimensions. The naked bulb, with lazily tied wiring fits right into this relaxed mismatch of texture and muted tones.
Porpoise Grey
The deep grey of the feature wall could be a bold statement too far, but the balance of bamboo and clean, crisp whites gives this space the spotless sensation of luxurious candor. The preference for fashion is worn as a badge of honor in the carefully considered asymmetry of the wall art, while the heavenly white of the bed linen is interrupted with a reminder of grey in the chenille of the throw. The dusky carpet balances this clean, crisp bedroom, while the art-inspired bedside lamp suggests a penchant for space-age faux modernity. Fabulous.
We LOVE how grey makes a beautiful base color, and how it interacts with blues and pinks. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to let your friends know about our blog of bedroom brilliance idea.

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