Past Exhibitions

Jasmin Zelaya, Olympia (deatail), 2019, Gouache, acrylic, spray paint, ink, colored pencil, rhinestones, glitter, and gold leaf on paper, 7' x 5'

Intersectionality of Inquiry

Curated by Sarah Castillo, this exhibition featuring the work of artists - Ana Lucia Carbajal, Audrya Flores, Carly Garza, Laura Latimer, Abby Sherrill, and Jasmine Zelaya. The group show exhibited small to medium scale installations that emphasized or deconstructed levels of intimacy, learned behaviors, and perceptions about our surrounding environments. Mediums included painting, photography, fiber and sculptural elements, and embroidery work.

Melissa Haviland, Installation image from White Gold: Blue,

White Gold: Blue

White Gold: Blue was a solo exhibition of Melissa Haviland’s work. she explores connections made to domestic objects, and examines the power of the personal and cultural relationships that result from them. Haviland strategically studies desire, etiquette, and the power of objects through a cultural lense facilitated by an exploration of objects that are gendered and classed, like fine china, which has both feminine and upper-class connotations.

Structurally Sound:
Nicole Poole & Eric Ryberg

The works of Nicole Poole and Eric Ryberg aestheticize structure, support, and functional forms. The artists are San Antonio transplants, hailing from Michigan and New York. The work in the exhibition speaks to their experiences of being uprooted, as well as their attempts to establish a life in a new location. Both artists share an interest in a formal aesthetic, a play with language and a strict observation of the functionality and aesthetic value of traditional support structures.