Support Clamp Light

Clamp Light is a space run by artists and for artists. We use our collective skills and resources to support emerging voices that we think are foundational to the future of the San Antonio arts scene. We believe in supporting our community and that our community will support us. We would like to thank those of you who have and continue to support us. We would also like to encourage you consider donating to some of your new causes below!

Donate for New LED Clamp Lights

Let's face it LED's are the better solution. They're efficient, they're longlasting, and they don't get nearly as hot (key for south Texas). Help us update our clamp lights in the gallery by donating to the light bulb fund. You can donate as little as a single bulb

Donate for Promotional Materials

Vinyl, show cards, and printing are vital parts of making amazing exhibitions that celebrate and expand the artistic community in San Antonio. Donating to the printing fund will help with the cost of producing these materials.

Summer of 2019 mural by  Lauri Garcia Jones

Summer of 2019 mural by Lauri Garcia Jones

Donate to Mural-In-Residence

The Mural-In-Residence program is a highly public face of Clamp Light. The murals greet everyone as they come into our space and bring art into the community 24-7. The program seeks to highlight the work of local female artists. By donating to this cause, you can help buy the paint that these artists need to create the Mural-In-Residence!

Special Thanks to Our Business Sponsors


Vero’s Cafe

Vero’s Cafe has supported Clamp Light by providing beverages to serve at the openings. So if you’ve enjoyed our cocktail and drink selection you might consider supporting a local business like Vero’s Cafe. We personally recommend the Pineapple Serrano Margarita!

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