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Office Interior Design Trends

clara October 9, 2021 Home Office

Office Interior Design Trends

Office design trends No place like work

Since the virus outbreak hit and became a hot topic of discussion around the world, the pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the economy, defense, and human survival. Just as interior design services have had a very significant impact, they are working hard to find out how this epidemic might affect the interior design industry. Many of these business people are struggling through the economic impact of this pandemic, and continue to seek changes from the interior design business in the future, and remain optimistic in providing assistance to those of you who want positive changes to the beauty of your home from an interior design perspective.
In the following review we will discuss office interior design, where the office is the place to go when things are back to normal or have returned to normal. Here are some changes that you can apply to your office interior design.

The concept of a new office in the new normal

How one commercial real estate firm is envisioning the '6 Feet Office'

Working with remote methods is a new thing nowadays, many professionals who work in offices have to face this situation. However, there are some employees who still have to carry out work in the office, this is for the company of course it must provide a place and atmosphere that supports them to keep working. The interior design industry players try to make office interior designs that are easy to implement without compromising the function of the office itself. Virtual meetings via video and various other services will make you feel comfortable to collaborate online. However, when conditions are safe again, you need to gather and collaborate with colleagues from the office. In fact, many people feel more comfortable working remotely, because there are no time constraints and distractions to complete difficult work tasks, save time on your commute to the office, and better working conditions without pressure from superiors.

Therefore, it is not surprising that remote work and personal life are interconnected. To maintain the synergy of cooperation between the two, the Company must establish a contact network between employees to interact with each other, between employees who work online and employees in the office.

Individual Workspace

Key Office Interiors and Design Trends in 2021

During this pandemic, many people think that the office will no longer have a stand for each individual, but they will work together between employees and bring the concept of office interior design like a hotel. The office space will be redesigned and re-personalized for several reasons, of course with some modifications needed to make it easier for your employees to collaborate.

With an open concept will make the difference between personal workspaces with other workspaces and collaboration areas. The social space will function as a resting place for employees. Of course the partition that separates the workspace from the common room. The workstation design will be more personal and larger, and will provide comfort to your employees. In addition, the placement of partitions between rooms will be made higher, thus the office space will be more flexible to support the productivity of your employees.

Collaboration Room Interior Design

Office Interior Design Trends Collaboration Room Interior Design

With an open space design, of course, it will make the collaboration space a bit more visible than before, but you shouldn't decide too quickly. In adapting office interior design, you will try to increase work space or even isolate employees in your office. This open space design concept was created or designed to provide security and comfort when your employees return to work in the office, so that employees can interact, collaborate, see, and talk to others. The most true of this open space concept is, fewer people working in the office and more employees working from home online, so working time in the office will be more efficient.

Simple Office Furniture

Office Design Trends for 2021,png

Many people think that the cubicle office space trend will disappear, but also assume that the 2021 trend will provide luxurious facilities in the office. Many companies or offices provide health program services at work such as yoga, and other luxury facilities. However, you have to rethink the health protocols that you must implement in the office. Not only that, providing consumer goods that must be packaged in such a way will also be increasingly popular in responding to health problems at this time. Example: an office that traditionally offers buffet meals in the office, now provides boxed meals for its employees.

Dedicated Workspace

Key Office Interiors and Design Trends in 2021

Although most employees have to work from home, employee productivity is also a separate consideration, this is related to the safety and comfort of your employees' workspaces at home. Likewise, for your employees who work in the office, factors such as lighting, the atmosphere of the workspace are also a concern, a supportive atmosphere will of course feel more comfortable when you work.

The Return of the Mud Room Area

Commercial Interior Design Trends for 2021

Maintaining cleanliness is important and the main thing that must be considered. You can still keep your workspace clean, both at home and in the office by designing additional areas for taking off shoes, washing hands, or hanging jackets. With this area, the cleanliness of the room is maintained.

Natural Office Interior Design

Modern Office Interior Design Trends to create Fantastic Workplace

Natural does not mean you work outside the home or outside the office, but natural here is more emphasized on the atmosphere or condition of the workspace itself. Make the atmosphere of your workspace more relaxed by displaying natural concepts in your office interior design. You can add some green plants in pots that are placed indoors. In addition to aiming to make your workspace healthier, the natural feel in the room will provide a relaxed atmosphere, reduce stress levels and make you feel comfortable while working.

Use Antimicrobial Ingredients

2020 Office Interior Design Trends

If you want to add some furniture in your workspace, you should use materials that are easy to clean using antimicrobial materials.

How about your office interior design? Are you ready to adopt this interior design trend in your office space? Or have you already applied this design idea to your home or office? Hopefully this article will provide an overview of what kind of design is suitable for your workspace both at home and when you work in the office.



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