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Office Space Design in Your Living Room

clara October 6, 2021 Living Room

Change Living Room Design Layout

Schemes are needed to make a building, without someone's schematic you will even find it difficult to determine the shape and size of the building or space, how much space will you make, and its function? In this discussion, the living room is also used as an office space, are you interested? Let's review. Office space is needed for those of you who have work other than in the office to complete your work, you can take advantage of the existing room, or you can also add a new room to your home by creating a divider between spaces. A little creativity and adjustments to the interior are needed to design a space. So, whether you want to try working at a small desk or a cozy workspace, the ideas below will help you prepare an office interior design for your home.

Along with the enactment of restrictions on activities outside the home, this requires an office to organize all employees to work from home or work from home. Of course this is something new during the pandemic, and it is a government regulation to do. Of course, with this pandemic situation, the workspace at home must feel comfortable to support your performance. There are several things that need to be prepared and considered in designing a workspace in your home. You can apply an ergonomic office interior design, where this design can make your body not easily tired and bored.

What about those of you who don't have extra space for a workspace at home? In everyday life, sometimes someone prefers to work or have activities in the living room or even in the family room, because this space is possible to more freely interact with work friends or family. The design of the office in the living room makes it possible for friends to work together in your home. Many homeowners seek advice on designing an office for their home, which makes your work productive and comfortable.

Changing Living Room Design Layout


Changing the layout of furniture or moving it away from the living room can create the space you need for the office. To create a comfortable workspace, you can put the table right in front of the window, so that the work atmosphere feels comfortable. In applying this method, you can create a square area in the middle of the room that will make the room feel open and spacious.

Workspace furniture design

Changing Living Room Design Into Office Room Design

Sitting all day is not good for your health, so you need a good workplace situation. Choosing the right table can solve your problem, choose a table design using wood with brackets, and lower shelves, a rather high table design with circular support rods. This concept was created so that you can stand more freely and when you are tired you can sit back down.

The table behind the sofa

Prepare the table behind the sofa,png

If you have an open concept home design combined with a nice area, try placing a table behind the sofa. In addition, you can also add a swivel chair and a table lamp. That way you will have a workspace that is placed between the family room and living room. You can also place a table with a garden view behind the house, this can also create a productive work atmosphere and the view can be a stress reliever due to a pile of work.

Take advantage of the corner of the living room

Home Office Ideas Turn a Spare Room into Your Design

The corner area is often not noticed, other than for flower pots, but sometimes it is left empty. Turn the corner of the living room into an ideal place to place your mini office. You can combine it with a suitable table and chairs, you can even add some hanging plants or some artwork around your mini office. Simple but will look attractive because of its presence in the living room by taking up little space to be used as a workplace.

Office Design with Mini Desk

Changing Living Room Design Into Office Room Design

To create a workspace at home sometimes you only need a small area to be dedicated to work in your home, but it is possible that you need a rather large space for the workspace. In addition to designing the workspace as a whole, you can consider incorporating a small round table that is placed in a corner in the living room, which you can use to place a laptop or documents. It can be a great choice to decorate your living room as a workspace. You can work while your children can play near you.

Open Office Space Design

Create an Open Office Space Design

If you have a large living room adjacent to the bedroom, you can make space for a home office by placing a desk in front of your bedroom wall, or you can mount it by placing a bracket on the wall to make it a desk. This can be a way to create a formal workspace, even if you don't have extra space in your home. To make it look more beautiful and attractive, you can add a small rug to help create the impression that your office area feels comfortable.

Utilizing Forgotten Spaces at Home

Office Space Design in Your Living Room Utilizing Forgotten Spaces at Home

Creativity is expensive, this sentence is suitable to be applied in the world of design. Creative ideas sometimes pop out of the blue, like designing an office space where you don't think it's possible to use or just a place to pile up stuff you don't use. Try to design your office space in a forgotten room in your home, like the room next to your couch or even the space under your stairs. This area is often a forgotten corner in the house, and is often not utilized. With design knowledge and creativity, this space can be a great place to work.

Office Design in Apartment

Making the Most of the Forgotten Space at Home

For those of you who live in apartments, you are often faced with the statement of maximizing the size of the space in the apartment. This of course drains your mind a bit. But try this way, combining office space within the main seating area, by placing a table right next to your sofa to create a more lively workspace. This method also allows your desk to function as a multifunctional side table to help you. Interesting tips Instead of placing bookshelves that will make your room full, you can choose a shelf that is attached to the wall to be used as a storage area while saving space in the house. Or a bookshelf with a folding table will certainly save more space in your apartment.

You can have other office space designs, for example you apply several tables along the walls of the living room to create a workplace that can be used by two or more people in your family. When you're with the kids, this can be a great area for the kids to do their homework, and it certainly doesn't take up much space. Also consider choosing chairs and tables that fit in the workspace, so that they can provide an attractive and comfortable home office feel.

Those are some ideas that you can apply in designing an office space in your home during this pandemic. If you need professional help, try contacting an interior design service that can help you create a comfortable office space in your home.

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Office Space Design in Your Living Room

Office Space Design in Your Living Room

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Office Space Design in Your Living Room

Office Space Design in Your Living Room

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