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Original Under Deck Ideas

clara August 7, 2021 Deck

Raised decking provides a reassuring connection with the outside, with the luxury of al fresco space that’s unlikely to be overlooked. Decking represents the opportunity for a little outside living and a lot of restful space outside of the confinement of the four walls of the home.
But what to do with the wasted void blowing tumbleweed underneath the deck? For some, it becomes an inconvenient dumping ground; for others, it’s protection from the rain and the snow. But what if you could create a new space that allows you to indulge your love of the great outdoors, with the added protection from the elements when needed.
We’ve found some wonderful under-deck ideas that we think you’re going to love.
A New Way Of Living
This fabulous under-deck area has all the warmth and homeliness of a spacious living room, with the added advantage of having no fourth wall. The color-scheme chosen here oozes comfort and coziness, with predominant papayas and deeper Coconut Husk, making this outdoor space feel like it’s indoors. The painted gloss of the ceiling is a masterstroke, affording a swathe of infinity, reflecting light while augmenting the perception of space – as if it needs it! The pillars are characterful in their combination of dry stone, molded baluster, and four-sided picture rail, adding to the homely feel. The exterior walls have the appearance of interior walls, which is an ingenious design feature of this outside home, outside of home. This is a great family space for when the indoors feels too claustrophobic, and the outdoors feels too wild. Fabulous.
Simple Screens
This simple idea makes a temporary outdoor space, using transparent blinds to protect from the elements. The French windows provide access from inside of the home to this occasional conservatory which, with some comfy furniture, would make a great place to enjoy a thunderstorm, negating the fear of getting drenched. The screening offers protection from flying insects during the hot months, so if you’re likely to become a meal for the mosquitos, you can lock them out without having to lock yourself in. Motorized shutters would give this simple solution a touch of sleek.
Storing your junk or your bins underneath the decking can be a real eye-sore, so this simple idea lets nature do its thing, beautifying your frontage while keeping your storage under wraps. Trellis is particularly inexpensive and climbing plants love it. Just picture a wall of wisteria, or a rush of rhododendron, crowded with butterflies and bees, adding true curb-appeal to your property. The over-sized flowerbed creates an inclining texture of interest leading up to the trellis. The wood-chippings add a uniform tidiness, some much-needed mulch, and a base color of rusty red that contrasts beautifully with the vibrant green of these healthy-looking plants. Practical, inexpensive and a savvy solution to scruffy storage.
Sheds of Plenty
If your under-decking void is less than head-height, you still have ample storage space for the garden furniture and the lawn-mower. This deck is clad around the base in the same wood used for the upper level and the balcony. It all looks a little new and pristine at the moment, but a couple of years will weather the pine, becoming an indelible appendage to the existing tongue and groove. Painting this generous decking space, the same (or a contrasting) color as the rest of the house will unify the two structures. The barn doorsBest-Design-Ideas-to-Make-Space-Under-Deck



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walkout-basement-best-of-under-deck-patio-ideas-elegant-articles_outdoor-patio-and-backyard provide plenty of access space into this ingenious shed.
Hidden Storage
These slide in-slide out drawers are one of the best storage solutions we’ve come across. What better way to clear away your garden furniture than in these super-deep drawers which tuck away neatly, protecting your garden gear from inclement weather. This storage solution has the added advantage of being easily lockable, providing a little added security to your valuable belongings. If you run out of refrigerator space in the winter, these super-drawers could make an excellent outdoor beer fridge.
The Secret Garden
This interesting idea creates a continuation of the yard into the tranquil haven of a secret garden. This hidden cave of rockery and trickling water bring coziness to this disguised destination; primed for quiet relaxation, a little yoga, or losing oneself in a good book. The water brings energy and life to this space, and some well-chosen shade-loving plants will thrive in this hidden gem. If the climate is humid, you might even find that orchids will take to this rocky landscape. A bonsai hillside, this secret garden is a gift of plenty, facilitating a return to nature in a suburban setting.
The Den
What could possibly be more relaxing that squirreling yourself away in a quiet den? And this hammock seat is the perfectly restful way to enjoy a good book in the healing calm of the open air. This mainly minimal under-deck area is not trying to be something it’s not – it’s not trying to be a room; it’s just a place to relax without the distractions of modern living. A place to enjoy the countryside, or a place to play the guitar or paint, this simple solution provides an escape for the thoughtful. Wonderful.
Hammocks A-Plenty
OK, so this isn’t necessary a decking area, but this tree house makes fun use of the void beneath the boards. A hammock is one of life’s simple luxuries – so comfortable that you’re almost guaranteed to drift off to the land of Nod, and such a challenge for newbies that they provide endless entertainment as they aim for equilibrium. This stunning tree house is a great escape from the bustle of the home, and these hammocks are perfect for a lazy afternoon.
So, there you have it. Under deck ideas that (mostly) don’t cost a fortune but maximize the potential of an otherwise wasted space. We love the simplicity afforded by these under deck palaces that just take a little imagination to bring to fruition. What are your thoughts? Be sure to share them in the comments section below. And share these articles with your friends so that you can be onboard to help each other choose the best in home and lifestyle solutions.

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