July 2019 | “Jive Refried 2020” by Agosto Cuellar

June 2019 | “Intersectionality of Inquiry” Curated by Sarah Castillo

May 2019 | “White Gold: Blue” by Melissa Haviland

April 2019 | “Structurally Sound” by Nicole Poole and Eric Ryberg

March 2019 | “CuerposUnidos” Curated by Michael Anthony García and Jose Villalobos

February 2019 | “Whither to Measure” by Jennifer Seo

January 2019 | “Work, Practice, Play” curated by Brittany Ham

December 2018 | “Volver” by Edicta Pineda

November 2018 | “Cyclical Rhythms” by Naomi Wanjiku & Jose Balli

October 2018 | “Lost, Found, and Reconstructed” by Ashley Mireles & Jose Villalobos

September 2018 | “The Prettiest Part of Rumination” by Flor Ameira

August 2018 | “Daydreaming in the Projects” by Chris Marin

July 2018 | "the BESTIARY" by Angelica Raquel and Terri Foltz-Fox

June 2018 | "What the Water Gave Me" by Sarah Castillo and Veronica Anne Salinas

May 2018 | "Boys With Feelings and Girls Without Them" by Brittany Ham and Justin Korver

April 2018 | "Between Us" by Barbara Minarro

March 2018 | "Thread" curated by Alana Coates

February 2018 | "Under the Sparkle Sunshine” by Jared Theis 

January 2018 | "Waiting Garden" by Jen Frost Smith and Madeleine Cutrona

December 2017 | "Bad Omen" solo exhibition by Rachel Fischer.

November 2017 | "Politically Incoherent" solo exhibition of artist Loc Huynh.

October 2017 | "Monsters & Likewise" featuring works by: Jose Balli, Sarah Castillo, Kaley Flowers, Sarah Fox, Brittany Ham, Barbara Miñarro, Lee Peterson, Jen Frost Smith, Jose Sotello, Jayne Valverde, and Jose Villalobos.

August 2017 | "Borrowed Whimsy" exhibition and collaboration of Kimberly Rumfelt and Brianna M. Burnett, two of Clamp Light's founding members.

July 2017 | "Transfiguration" Featuring Artists: Daniel Aston, Eden Collins, Cassandra Dixon and Barbara Miñarro. Curated by: Sarah Fox.

June 2017 | "Crossing Borders" postcard show and fundraiser for RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services).

May 2017 | “Restraint” Live Painting and Dance Performance Featuring Kristy Kristinek and Flatlands Dance Theatre "Photographs and Facemasks" curated by Carol Cunningham Artists: Abigail Brown and Diane Fox.

April 2017 | "Intersecting Boundaries" curated by Sarah T. Roberts Artists: Kat Cole, Tova Lund, Sarah Holden, Reneè Zettle-Sterling.

March 2017 | "Distant Transmissions" by Christine Zuercher.

February 2017 | "Interconnectedness" curated by Jose Villalobos Artists: Sarah Fox, Mark Anthony Martinez, Sarah T. Roberts, Juan De Dios Mora, Paul Northway, Anabel Toribio, Sabrina Alfaro + Kiley I. Madrigal and Megan Alejos. Musical performance by Polly Anna Rocha.

January 2017 | "Good Vibes" installation by Jen Frost Smith

December 2016 | "Infinite Junctures" by Sunday Ballew

November 2016 | "Blanco Heat" curated by Tom Turner featuring works by Clamp Light Artists Jose Villalobos, Jen Frost Smith, and Tom Turner

October 2016 | "In Play" by Michelle Thomas

September 2016 | Orientation: Unsure by Joshua McDevitt

July 2016 | BEARS BEARS BEARS by Carol Cunningham

June 2016 | "Mélange" new works by Jillian Palone, Annie Pennington, and Sarah T. Roberts

May 2016 | Lullwood Group

April 2016 | "Between the Void" Sarah Jamison

March 2016 | "Three the Hard Way" Curated by Raul Gonzalez

February 2016 | "Not Even with a 10-Foot Pole" Moe Profane

January 2016 | "Deluge" Jen Frost Smith

December 2015 | "Trees & Branches" Qing Liu

November 2015 | "Restless West" Colleen O'Brien

October 2015 | "Skin and Within" Jose Villalobos

September 2015 | "The Altered Landscape" group show curated by Tom Turner