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Relaxing Bathroom Tub Ideas

clara August 7, 2021 Bathroom

The shape of a bathtub says something about the home and something of the person who lives there. There’s more to bathing than boxy blocks of plastic and ceramic – it’s the adventurous amonan-air-plant-lighting-fixture-Relaxing Bathroom Designs 2021


Beautiful and Relaxing Bathroom Design Ideas 2021

Beautiful and Relaxing Bathroom Design Ideas

Beautiful and Relaxing Bathroom Design

Beautiful and Relaxing Bathroom Ideas



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Relaxing Bathroom Designs That Soothe the Soul

Relaxing-Bathroom-Decor-For-Minimalist-Homeg us who dare to be different. Tubs come in all shapes and sizes and bring an immediate lift to the dullest of layouts. But do you just play it safe?
There are tons of tricks to be tried for tubs that dazzle. If you’re considering a refurbish, visualize the spectacular, because bathrooms sell houses.
We’ve dunked into the depths for the best bathroom tub ideas that will have your head swimming for more bold bath-times.
The Art-Decor
The bathtub is easily missed at first glance against the striking pink paneling and the black outlined framing – you could say that this is the Jackie O Coco Chanel of the bathroom world. The pink hue of the walls deepens beyond the arched entrance to soapy solitude. If you ever wanted to completely get away from it all, concealing yourself in a hidden tub could be the answer. The slightly clinical sheen sends one to asylums in stylish retreats featured in scary movies about conspiratorial captivity. But fear not, for the nudity of the vanity unit and mirror frame hides nothing but Bond-like sophistication. The gloss of the marbled flooring plunges the aloof sheen into a liquid luxury that levitates to the shine of the sink trough. Black is the feature color in this palatial pink powder-room, and although the bathtub sits tantalizingly tight-lipped, you just know that any bath time is going to be a luxurious affair. Bathtubs that are hidden are full of promise forbidden.
The Hammock
Wow. There are no other words for this surprising carbon-fiber hammock bathtub. Appearing to float entirely in ether, this tempting tub is embryonic in its enveloping organic camber. The walking cane bath tap appears completely separate from this bubbling cauldron of calm, but warm waters will wash away the blues in this stunning example of sci-fee sensuality. The Jackson Pollock wall art plays hectic disparity to the sleek lines of this hovering harmony of comfort and total surrender. The waters drain down into the wet-room flooring, in this surprising surrounding of stark cement.
Circular Infinity
This striking circular barrel is designed to overflow, providing a rustic sense of infinity from nature’s most untarnished materials. Perhaps this vat of plunging water might feel as at home in artisan vineyards collecting juice from trodden grapes as it fits comfortably into this interior forest, but if you’re going for full nature, then this terrific tub could be your idea of heaven. This indoor forest of real trees feeds directly from the skylight and adds the surprising to this sumptuous circular cask that provides proximity to nature like no other bathroom we’ve ever spotted. Bonkers, but brilliant.
Going Back to The Roots
Perhaps the previous bathtub ideas have been a little left field for the average two-up two-down. So, going back to the old school, we have this beautiful claw foot tub. There’s a stunning array of these stand-alone tubs on offer these days, and we love the colored lacquered finish on the outer body. Although we’re supposed to avoid the avocado bathroom suite at all costs, this is a great compromise, bringing some color into a bathroom which might otherwise be a blinding sheet of white. The feature wall-color is a darker hue, but the rich colors work successfully because the floor is an expanse of white. Painted floorboards are quite the thing in 2018, and the brick tiles (with dark grouting) bring just the balance needed. This is an excellent example of the clean finish that heavily painted floorboards can bring to a room – this paint is a hard-wearing silk, making a fabulous backdrop to the striking army-green bathtub.
Gradient Graceful
This bathroom is a wash of right angles: straight lines of the painted floorboards, the exact geometry of the latte brick tiles, and the sharp boundary provided by the flat cappuccino of the painted wall. The bathtub veers from this arrangement of regularity, with a whisper-like curve around the base and the internal tub. The shower-curtain rail follows the tub’s subtle feminine contours, bringing a touch of softness to the stylish minimalism of this canvas of sandy hues. Curves against stark angularity is an almost seamless source of surprising subtlety, and really works in this lovely bath space.
Faded Denim
This bathroom uses the innocence of blue, and washes some urban sophistication into the mix:  a touch of faded denim in the natural tonal gradients of the brick tiles, in combination with the slate grey of the floor tiles. The bath owns its position in this deep expanse of marine eternity with a sudden shock of white breaking up the sensational sapphire. This bath has the modern curvaceous appeal and the tall, slender sides that offer a traditional bathroom a little understated chic, enhancing the most basic bathroom into a cool statement of clean. The rusty orange of the natural teak vanity unit is stunning against the blue tones, while the expanse of white from above make this one bathroom that certainly feels clean, fresh and airy. The circular mirror, sink, and light fitting bring seductively welcome curves to these cool quarters of clean.
The Font of Clean
This angular chalice-style font bathtub introduces a touch of classicism in this contemporary array of soothing sand tones and wall of weathered, shelved stone. The window provides a sudden shock of blue in this temple of neutral calm, reflected in the alcove glaze of the art-vase. It’s easy to go rather too far with neutral tones (unless you’re trying to sell a house), but this fabulous bathtub brings distinction to this tastefully calm collection of colors chosen to sooth and wash away the day. All this bathroom needs are the tempting flicker of scented candles and a glass of something expensive to make the escape from the outside complete. This font of clean, while being more conventional than some of the other pieces in this article, is accessible to most budgets, and has enough of the wow factor as to be appealing to all who enter.
Brassy and Bling
This brass-colored bath might not suit a 1980s suburban family home, but would make a fantastically luxurious place of escape in a large, warehouse apartment. On its own, this bathtub might be too much – I mean, let’s face it, it’s quite a statement. But the showy attention-seeking nature of the tub is almost entirely balanced by its surroundings of natural stone, pebble, slate, and glass. There’s so much of nature in this amazing wet-room of wondrous natural components that the super-swish bathtub feels exactly where it should be. Without this disco-ball of a bathtub, this bathroom would be trying too hard to emit natural zeal – this unusually outrageous statement actually completes this bathroom with a centerpiece worth noticing.
What do you make of our terrific team of tubs? We’ve fallen for all of them – even the more outlandish ones. What do you think? Could you live with a hammock, or with the sinister sophistication of an asylum powder-room? Get the conversation started in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share with your friends.
Happy bathing!

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