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Amazing and Creative Staircase Design Ideas Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

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That brings us here, where you can get the wonderful twisting style of staircase worked into a small space. These kinds of staircases are often relegated to places where you want to save as much space as possible. While that may not always leave a lot of room for elaborate posts or thick, wooden railing, it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on the style. The best-looking spiral staircases have beautiful designs worked into their railing. And whether you are using wood or metal, you can get a unique and stylized look out of your spiral staircase without sacrificing its utility.

Amazing and Modern Staircase Ideas and Designs Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Maybe you have a lot of room in and around your staircase but not so much on the upper levels. You may be able to turn your staircase into a storage area. The easiest way to do that is to put drawers in under the stairs, drawers that open off to the side so you aren’t standing under the staircase to pull them out. Your storage space likely won’t extend any higher than the height of your head or chest, so you won’t need to put in drawers the entire length of the staircase. But you can make large shelves for the higher spaces, giving you plenty of extra storage space. You can also incorporate storage areas into the inside of the staircase. Drawers or shelves can be placed into the wall along the inside of the staircase, giving you plenty of storage area without cutting into your staircase’s space.

Beautiful Stair Ideas for Your House Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

The grand style staircase widens as it reaches the floor, offering a seamless transition between the levels of the home. These staircases are usually elegantly designed and are often connected to outcroppings on the floor above. They are made to be reminiscent of the grand staircases often used in traditional manors, which means they will work best for upper levels that only cover a portion of the second level and leave an overlook from which to view the lower level. If you have ever wanted a staircase like the one from Gone with the Wind’s mansion, then this is what you are looking for. It is luxurious and befitting of homes with history and elegance.

Gorgeous Staircase Home Designs Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

For those who favor a pulled back and minimal style, a simple and clean staircase may be more to your liking. One way to accomplish this is to use separated stairs connected only by short metal sections. The railing of the staircase can be a single glass sheet, allowing a clear view of the stairs. This makes your staircase seem as though it is hardly taking up any space at all. This kid of design tricks the eye into seeing more space than is actually present. It can also make you feel like your home is roomier. And it fits nicely with modern styles that favor clean designs over cluttered sterilization.

Ingenious Stairway Design Ideas for Your Staircase Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Much like a minimalist staircase, the open design goes for an approach that reduces how obvious the staircase is. It uses colors that match the hues of your walls and your home, and uses open slat railing to make your staircase appear more airy. The lines are clean, simple and straight, helping to reduce the sight of the staircase and make it difficult to notice unless you are looking for it. It can also help this kind of design to use much of the same materials as are already in the surrounding parts of the house. Matching your staircase to your walls may be difficult, but it can really pay off in a minimized design that adds more visual space to the room and ties the area together perfectly.

Interior Ladder Stair Design Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

You can bring the outdoors inside by using natural materials that look like they belong outside. One way to do this is with natural wood staircases where the railing is shaped like branches or sticks. These look best when they are made from real wood, but they can also be synthetic. They provide a very cozy atmosphere that really makes your home stand out. Or you could opt for a rock staircase. The slats may not need to be made of rock, but the stairs themselves definitely could be. Sculpted or even natural stones can give your staircase a unique appeal, and it can often cost less than other structural materials.

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Much like the grand staircase, a winding staircase is intended for wide spaces like the grand hall or reception area. You will need some room to accommodate such a staircase, but it’s natural splendor more than makes up for any inconvenience you may be caused. These are often some of the most ornate staircases, and they are perfect showcases for stylized sculpting. If you want ornate posts or sculpted figures on your staircase, they will look best on a Even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can still pull off the winding staircase look. You may just have to reel it in a bit and make it tighter, giving it a look closer to spiral staircase.

Perfect Living Room Staircase Design Ideas Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Split Level
This design works similarly to the step up in that it separates the stairs into distinctive sections. But each landing is often very large and accompanied with its own horizontal railing. With a split level, you usually would not want more than one or two landings in a single staircase, unless you are connecting more than two levels.

Residential Staircase Design Ideas Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, but you still need a connecting staircase, then you may want something that is segmented. What this means is that your staircase will be divided into pieces, with each part facing a different direction. It is ideal for hallways staircases or anyplace where there just isn’t much room for a long and winding staircase or a straight set of stairs. These can be as elegant as any other, but they often require fewer materials, since they use the walls as their sides in some areas. This allows them to be an economical choice for people trying to cut some costs.

Scandi Christmas under the Stairase Decor Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Because staircases hold such an important place in the home, we have compiled a collection of the some of the best staircase design ideas out there. These are intended to open up your options and get you thinking about powerful and classy designs that you might not have otherwise known about.

Stair Design Ideas For Your Home Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

This design is characterized by very wide landings that give people plenty of room to pass others who may be resting or enjoying the decorations on the landing. Such a staircase will need a designated section of the house to support it, and it may be difficult to do much around or under the space where the staircase is set. But the lavish space on the staircase afforded by the large landings can definitely make up for it.

Staircase Design Ideas Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

At each section, there is a long flat step or landing. This breaks up the design of the staircase and makes it look more visually exciting. Each landing can hold decorations if you like, and many homeowners add vases, flowerpots or busts to these landings to give them even more design flair.
This is an especially effective design for long staircases that reach more than one level high. It gives users a chance to stop and rest on a large area and makes the ascent or descent on the stairs less tedious.

Staircase Ideas for Every Home Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

What Will Work for You?
These are just a few of the great staircase design choices available to you. Which one is perfect for you will depend on a few factors- what you can afford, what you have space for and what appeals to you? Keep in mind that your staircase will look best if it fits in with the rest of the house. If your home is ornate and luxurious, a simple and cleanly-designed staircase may look out of place. Take time to mull your choices and consider all the options before you settle on a particular design. And most of all, you should pick a staircase design that you know you are going to enjoy.
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Stylish staircase ideas to suit every space Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Step Up
In this design, the staircase is divided into small sections. They can all face the same direction or be set at right angles to each other, but what is important is that every few steps a new section is crafted in.

Top 10 Unique Modern Staircase Design Ideas for Your Dream House. Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Your staircase serves a few unique purposes. It not only connects one level of your home to the next, but it also provides a way to unite different levels of your home together aesthetically. A staircase represents an opportunity to give your home a vertical design element that really stands out and adds value to your home.

unique modern staircase designs Staircase Staircase Design Ideas

Staircase Design Ideas

Staircase Design Ideas

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Staircase Design Ideas

Staircase Design Ideas

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