Sarah Castillo

Sarah Castillo is an artist based in San Antonio, Texas working in mixed media and portraiture. Born and raised in San Antonio, Castillo obtained her Master’s degree in Bicultural Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio with thesis title: Art as an Embodied Practice: Artistic Expression, Conocimiento, and Identity Formation. She is co-founder of Mas Rudas Collective, Creative Director of Lady Base Gallery, and Resident Artist at Clamp Light Studios & Gallery. She has shown at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Artpace, Institute of Texan Cultures, Mexic-Arte Museum, and was in the IV Biennial El Paso - CD. Juarez in 2015. She was recently
awarded a grant from the National Association for Latino Arts and Culture.


Kallie Cheves

Kallie Cheves is an artist who lives and works in San Antonio. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity University in Studio Art, majoring in photography and minoring in new media. Cheves received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she also taught introductory photography. She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Ireland Triskel 40 Photo Prize, the Eyes Got It! Finalist, the Art Guys Endowment, the UTSA Graduate Student Teaching Scholarship, the Keith Carter Student Scholarship, the SWARM Photohive Award, MFA Presidential Scholarship Award, and the James E. Flinn Graduate in Photography Scholarship. She has worked as a gallery assistant and marketing director at Art SA Gallery and the visual display coordinator at Anthropologie. Cheves is now an art teacher at SAISD's Steele Montessori Academy. She has exhibited extensively in Texas, nationally, and internationally. Cheves' work involves photographic installations that have deep roots in surrealism, the decadent excess of vanitas still life, and the neo-baroque illusionistic view of the frame. Her most recent work studies psyche and identity relationships of the self during pregnancy and postpartum, as they abstractly swell and shrink.


Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox is an artist and educator living in San Antonio, Texas. Fox works with students of all ages at the Southwest School of Art. She is also a resident artist and studio member of Clamp Light Studios and Gallery. She received her MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2015. She studied painting at the Glasgow
School of Art in 2004 and earned her BA from Southwestern University in 2005. In between degrees she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, an aesthetic that made a strong impact on her work.
Multiple surgeries throughout her teens and early twenties left Fox with a scarred and stitched together body. This imperfect vessel has influenced the cut and
paste, collaged aesthetic that runs through all of her work. The characters that fill her world are an investigation and acceptance of difference.


Brittany Ham

Brittany Ham is a Texas artist currently living and working in San Antonio Texas. She graduated with her BFA in Painting and BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University at San Marcos in 2012, and earned her MFA in Fine Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2016. Her current work explores the relationship between social media and daily ritual. She currently teaches at Texas State University and Texas A&M University at San Antonio.

KorverJustin_ McNay_4.jpg

Justin Korver

Justin Korver is an artist living and working in San Antonio, Texas. He is originally from a small town in the northwest corner of Iowa which he credits for his penchant for minimalism. Korver moved to Holland, Michigan to complete his undergraduate work at Hope College. While in Michigan, he was influenced by the heritage of mid-century design and discovered a passion for hardware stores. He also lived and worked briefly in New York through the N.Y.C.A.M.S. program where he interned with Phoebe Washburn who served as an early influence on his studio practice. Korver received his MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is now a full-time lecturer at Texas A&M San Antonio. He exhibits his work extensively in Texas and nationally. Recently he has been an artist-in-reseidence Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin and Casa Lü in Mexico City.


Nicole Poole

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Poole grew up in the shadow of industry. The concepts of mass production, organization, and mechanical precision play a major role in her work. Using a multi-media approach, she creates objects and installations that focus on stripped down forms and meaningful materials. Most recently she has concentrated on a body of work that brings attention to the aesthetic value of physical support structures. Objects meant to remain hidden are given new life as visual objects by slightly manipulating their form and assigning new meaning. These support structures are taken from their purely functional role to serve as metaphor for the human experience. Other inspirations come from short stories, family history and memory.

Early on, she studied business at Eastern Michigan University where she earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. She worked in the corporate arena for several years before taking time to start a family. After relocating to San Antonio, Poole refocused her energy on fine arts. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Bachelor of Art in Art History and Criticism. While attending UTSA, she was named a Mellon Humanities Pathways Fellow and was the recipient of the Elton Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Art and the Gloria Galt Endowed Scholarship in Art. Poole has been exhibiting her work in juried, group, and solo exhibitions since 2014.


Alyssa Richards

Alyssa is a contemporary artist and designer based in San Antonio. Before moving to Texas, she lived and worked in Indianapolis where she cut her teeth in corporate design. Alyssa worked on projects ranging from websites to motion graphics to good ol’ fashioned print design. In 2014, she received an award for How’s In-House Design Awards and was featured in their magazine.

Outside of the office, Alyssa is reconnecting to her studio practice. Her work focuses on the intersection between illustration, graphic design, and the body in crisis. She layers photography with vector drawing which recalls the pervasive aesthetics of design but to more subjective and personally expressive ends.


Jose Villalobos

Born and raised in the border town of El Paso Texas, growing up, there was a constant challenge between the expectations of traditional Mexican customs and the "American" way of living. Coming from a strong religious background feeling unwanted came with the realization of being gay. Remarks of machismo ways were always present and made my true self dwindle. Coming out in my early 20's I began to feel marginalized because it was difficult to associate myself as being gay and did not know how to process the lifestyle. While holding on to personal and traditional values, my current work demonstrates that through constant manipulation we obsess over self image and self identity. My most recent work explores traditional "masculine" objects and idols that are glorified by most Mexican and Hispanic men. By softening the virility of these objects with subtle ambiguities their MACHO-ness becomes delicate. As a result the intent of my work is to create a sense of security and comfort while creating a feeling of distress which establishes a duality.


Delia Sofia Zacarias

Deliasofia Zacarias was born in El Paso, Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Business Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Trinity University Mach Research Fellowship and the Trinity University Excellence in Art Award. Her work has also been published in the Trinity Review Literary Magazine. She is currently works at Ruiz-Healy Art and is co-founder of Unfiltered San Antonio.

Deliasofia Zacarias has exhibited at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio, Texas; Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, Texas; San Antonio Art League Museum, San Antonio, Texas; Flax Studio, San Antonio, Texas, and Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio, Texas. Zacarias’ artwork can be found in the permanent collection of Elizabeth Huth Coates Library in San Antonio, Texas.

Born and raised in the border city of El Paso, TX, I have always been exposed to two different cultures. It is through my personal experiences as a Latina in America that I draw inspiration to explore the societal constraints and the identities one adopts. I draw from the bold and bright colored iconography found in Mexican talavera designs and juxtapose it with prevalent issues in our society. By fusing two cultures in my artwork, I aim to break down boundaries of class, gender, and color and to promote diversity and inclusion through conversation. I hope to aid the advancement of societal consciousness and to evoke thought about what it really means to be intersectional in a minority today.