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Studio Type Apartment Inspiration

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Everyone certainly craves a residence or place to live that can make them feel comfortable and safe, many types of housing are offered ranging from luxury condominiums to simple residential types that are sufficient for a small family or even for those of you who are still alone. The various types of housing certainly adhere to various types of designs, some are modern, traditional to minimalist-style designs. Modern-style designs are often a role model for a dwelling, because this style gives the impression that the dwelling is spacious and airy and the furniture arrangement is modern.

Not only modern-style designs that can be an option for your home design, minimalist design is also an option that is no less trendy today. Now, you can choose various types of housing, especially for those of you who live in urban areas, one of which is an apartment. Apartments can be an alternative as your place to live. Of course, you must be used to seeing and hearing the many offers to live in apartments, ranging from the type of apartment, the price, to the facilities that you will get. You can choose what type of apartment you want, of course, in choosing the type of apartment, you have to adjust it to your needs and budget. For those of you who are still single, you can choose an apartment with a studio type. Usually for studio type apartments, the size is smaller than the usual type of apartment, the size is no more than about 20-30 square meters. It is quite small for the size of an apartment. But you don't have to worry about choosing the type of studio apartment, you can make this type of apartment feel comfortable, more functional, and even wider. Interested in choosing a studio type apartment? If you are interested, you can make a studio type apartment more attractive with some of the inspiration below. To make studio type apartments more attractive and look the way you want and need, you can work with apartment interior design services to make it happen

Curtains As Separators Between Rooms


If you choose to live in a studio type apartment, you just need to think more creatively and smartly in arranging every room in the apartment. Because studio type apartments have limited space, you have to make good use of each room. Consult with interior design services that can help you maximize the function of the entire room. The steps taken to maximize the function of the room in a studio type apartment will of course be different from other types of apartments and houses. If in a house or apartment that has a large room, you can place bookshelves or other partitions as a separator between rooms, but in a studio type apartment you cannot carelessly place shelves or other partitions into the room, it can cause your studio apartment space to become full and feels cramped so that it makes you uncomfortable. You can choose other alternatives as a separator between spaces such as curtains as a room divider. Like when you want to separate the bedroom area from the dining room, you can place curtains that match the size of the room. That way, your bedroom area will become more private. Besides being easy to apply, you can also determine and change the curtain motif on a regular basis, so you don't feel bored. This step can make your apartment look new and fresher.

Low Ceiling

Studio Type Apartment Inspiration Low Ceiling

Studio type apartments with high ceilings will indeed look more functional. But if you have a low ceiling, what you need to pay attention to is how to make it not too crowded, but you are still comfortable and functional. Choose furniture with dimensions that are not too big and high, on the other hand if you place furniture that is large and tall it will make your studio apartment space feel cramped. You don't have to worry anymore if your apartment type has a low ceiling, with the adjusted size will make your studio type apartment still have enough space between the floor and the ceiling.

High Ceiling

Studio Type Apartment Inspiration High Ceiling

You need to know, having a studio type apartment with high ceilings is an advantage for you. With a high ceiling, you can make the apartment room feel cooler and fresher. Another way to design the interior of your studio apartment type is to make it 2 levels. How to make a studio type apartment layout into 2 levels? As you know, the size of a studio type apartment is not too big, but you can make it comfortable. On level 1 or floor 1 of the apartment, you can design it as a gathering area, kitchen area, or watching TV with friends. While level 2 you can design as your bedroom. So there are quite striking differences in space where level 1 is a gathering place and level 2 is a place for your privacy.

You can apply other inspiration to make studio-type apartments more comfortable, and make the apartment a place for expression. You are free to design your studio type apartment, but in designing it you have to be good at getting the exact results you expect. If you find it difficult to choose an apartment interior design theme, you can work with apartment interior design services to assist you in determining the interior design so that it matches your expectations. You can still freely express yourself in choosing the color of wall paint and furniture that you like with directions from apartment interior design services. That way, your studio type apartment will no longer be an ordinary apartment.

For those of you who still live alone, spending time on weekends relaxing in an apartment is your favorite activity. Especially in a situation like this, you do more activities at home. You can turn your studio-type apartment into a pleasant living and comfortable movie room by adding a simple motif rug. Utilize every corner of your apartment appropriately. So that your moments of watching movies and weekend activities feel more intimate and comfortable with friends.

It turns out that there are many ways that can be done to change the interior of a studio type apartment to be more comfortable. Living in a small apartment, as long as you feel comfortable, a small space can be more unique.

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