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Unique Bike Storage Ideas

clara August 8, 2021 Bike Storage

Need somewhere to park your bike? I’m sorry – it’s difficult to say that without sounding euphemistic, isn’t it? But, in all seriousness, if you’re a bike user (and the planet thanks you for it) finding somewhere to store your beloved wheels can be genuinely problematic – especially if you live in an apartment block or a house with limited storage space. But, hold on in there, planet lovers – for there is a way.

We’ve searched the web for the most inspiring bike storage ideas that aren’t just practical, but, in many cases, are pretty beautiful as well; making use of space in such a clever way that you might just fall in love with it.
So, rest those weary legs, put your feet up, and enjoy the inspiration of our marvelous bike storage ideas. You deserve it!

The Locker

If there’s absolutely no way that you’re able to bring the bike inside, then there are options that will keep your wheels safe in the great outdoors. This stylish, house-fronting security locker has a roll-out door and a locking system to ensure that your bike is exactly where you left it when you need it next. When you’ve been riding out in the rain, the last thing you really want to do is to carry a wet, dripping bike into the house, so this outdoor security locker is the perfect solution. Clad in wooden panels, it blends convincingly into its environment: the colors are sensitive to the surroundings, and, most crucially, it doesn’t draw attention to itself. The green roof is a charming idea that helps it to slot into its urban habitat – this is taking up part of your green space, after all. A roof with wildflowers for the bees is an excellent idea for planet lovers. If you live in a city and it’s impossible to park your car outside your home, then a bike is a great alternative – and this security locker idea is a perfect way to store your valuable vehicle. Fantastic.

The Installation

There’s something a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre about this robot ram-horn idea, but actually, in situ, it looks hypnotically impressive. If you live in an apartment where storage is at a premium, the wall might actually be the storage solution that you’d forgotten all about. Fashioned from a bike saddle and some bastardized handle-bars from a racing bike, this odd take on the hunter’s trophy makes a fascinating feature on a blank wall, and a great way of keeping the bicycle in storage when it’s not needed. Perhaps a little unusual; but since when has that been a problem? The beautiful parquet flooring is completely clear of clutter in the light, airy apartment space because the trophies are the home of practically every item that could cause a tangle of infuriating jumble. If you’re a terrible clutter-bug, then this rather bizarre trophy idea could be your saving grace. And a real talking point. Striking.

Ride-A-Cock Horse

This bicycle horse is a really beautiful piece of engineered sculpture. Free-standing and curvaceous flowing in an elongated paisley, gravity is the glue that grips your precious vehicle into position. Constructed from a finished oak that proudly parades its naked grain, this bike stand is a piece of furniture that takes aesthetic beauty as its primary function. This room is bright and cheerful in a spectrum of creams and earth tones, complemented perfectly with the sleek, sensual bicycle frame, resplendent in hues that bring a balancing wood element to this already calming, rather charming sanctuary. The leather armchair and the rattan bring a further sensuality of texture into this simplistically minimal space. Fantastic.

The Minimal

It’s difficult to exceed the minimalism of this simple idea, but time and time again, we prove that simplicity is king. If you have to keep the bicycle inside, the most obvious way of storing it is by leaning it against the wall; taking up a surprisingly large amount of space. It’s literally effortless to trip over a bike that’s resting on the floor, so elevating it is the next best option. These simple, wooden rails are as anonymous as a bike stand ever gets. What’s really smart here, however, is the integration of white into stone grey: the predominant California gleam of the cycle, reinforced by the low-hanging pendant light and the pristine fluoresce of the Victorian skirting boards. The brown leather of the saddle and the handlebars are mirrored in the beige of the side table, making this bike a crucial component of the decor. If you really can’t avoid bringing the bike into the house, then make it part of the color scheme. The black, painted floorboards add a real grounding to this palette of sophisticated greys and whites; creating a triumph of style over unfortunate necessity. Inspired.

The Wall Unit

This wooden, open box is a lovely piece of furniture both in use and when unoccupied. Storing the bike by its saddle is an ingenious idea, because it requires just a single notch from a piece of furniture that integrates with the home. The planed wood brings design interest to this Duck Egg blue wall, while sympathetically complementing the laminate flooring. It’s never a particularly welcoming sight for visitors if they have to brush past a dirty bike when they enter your home, but this wooden box unit makes for a more interesting spectacle. As long as it’s securely fastened to the wall, this little wooden box unit could create a lasting storage solution for your bike, and a place to store your protective head-gear. Intriguing.

The Pallet

Is there anything that an old industrial pallet can’t become? We love pallets, because they’ve got to be the most versatile, low-priced furniture solution for both home and garden. Kept at head height, this bike is definitely out of harm’s way – both for the cycle and the tenants; almost framed for display purposes. This pallet is as nude as it gets – there’s been no attempt to disguise its drab materials, other than the minimal, calligraphic contribution; proving that, sometimes, less really is more. Storing a bike that’s been out in the rain might require a prompt toweling before elevating it above a prized sound system, but it’s all about adapting the lifestyle to fit with necessity, isn’t it? This DIY project makes use of readily available coat-hooks, but you’ll need to ensure that the pallet is strong enough to bear the weight of your bicycle for long periods of time. This pallet has just the front-facing slats in place – the bottom slats have been removed, making it easier and lighter to attach it to the wall. Figures 2 and 3 demonstrate some other simple ways of using a pallet to store multiple bikes. Fantastic.

The Log

Another example of simplicity at its most ingenious. Outdoor storage ideas needn’t be bulky and unsightly as demonstrated by this inventive use of fallen logs. Figure 2 takes the concept a little further by incorporating additional carpentry touches that glean beauty from basics. The textural contrast of rutty bark against planed, exposed grain exhibits the wood in all its beauty, from both inside and out. The eye hooks contribute to the security of this public parking spot. Figure 3 demonstrates, once again, the rustic approach that celebrates its surroundings for multiple cyclists. Stunning.

The Dedicated Space

Where multiple bikes require storage, and where there is space for a dedicated room, this beautiful sliding plank door stays entirely in keeping with the beautiful oak floorboards, while tucking the unsightly bicycles out of view. The fabulous plug-wall grid makes the black wall a particularly versatile space for keeping items away from the floor and out of the way. Figure 2 shows the peg-wall in its versatile glory. Figure 3 shows a bespoke celebration of jutting angles, providing safe sanctuary for three bicycles – a perfect solution for the garage, in unfinished plywood. Figure 4 shows that bicycle storage doesn’t need to be obtrusive. This custom-built, narrow wardrobe is ideal for tucking the cycle out of the way when it’s not in use. Inspired.
Parking the bike need not be an unsightly nightmare. I think we’ve found some really unique solutions that can integrate with your decor without over-taking the space. We love how some of the simplest ideas turn out to be the most effective. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and get the conversation started.
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Unique Bike Storage Ideas

Unique Bike Storage Ideas

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Unique Bike Storage Ideas

Unique Bike Storage Ideas

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